Yankees Push Extreme Luxury Cost On Taxpayers

So, the Yankees have $430.5 million for three top-tier free agents, but they don’t have $370 million for upgrades to their new stadium, toys that will allow them to charge even more money for tickets and, as a result, sign even more top-tier free agents? That’s exactly the charge being levied in an article from the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, which breaks down the $370 million of taxpayer money that’s being used to help finance the final stages of construction on New Yankee Stadium.

yankees money hat
(How fitting: The new opening day Yankee hats.)

As only the Steinbrenner family could, the Yankees apparently have the gall to ask for $14.2 million for a scoreboard, $10.7million for a giant video board and $10.4 million in luxury suite upgrades while the country is in a crippling recession, not to mention the fact that New York City itself is expected to be hit much harder because of falling real estate values and overwhelming unemployment from the rolling demise of a number of Wall Street firms.

Of course, the Mets are also asking for more money for stadium upgrades, but it’s fair to say that the senior circuit’s New York team is a tad more cautious and, dare we say, reasonable: The Mets want a total of $13 million for their scoreboards and restaurant space, while the Yankees’ luxury upgrades add up to a whopping $95 million.

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Los Angeles Could Be Host City For 2009 NFL Draft

The NFL’s contract with Radio City Music Hall has expired, and the league is courting suitors to host the draft, starting next year.

Roger Goodell NFL Draft

One of the early frontrunners is LA, despite, you know, not having a team or anything. Read more…

NYP Scares Out Brady’s Hair Restoration Doctor

Today the NEW YORK POST employed its dirty tricks department, the folks at PAGE SIX, to use whatever means possible to embarrass Tom Brady while he visits their fine city.

Tom Brady Balding

While stalking following the QB (who is in town to see girlfriend of the moment Gisele Bundchen), Post minions observed Brady entering a medical building.

Excerpt: “PageSix.com first called the podiatrist (for his suspect right foot), but the receptionist there said, “No, he wasn’t here. PageSix.com then called the chiropractic practice, but the receptionist there said, “No, he didn’t come in.”

Finally the Post (oops, make the PageSix DOT COM) called a hair replacement doctor in the same building. Read more…

What’s This All A Boot? Tom Brady Spotted In Cast

PAGE SIX gets a leg up on Tom Brady, as they spot the New England star in a cast. Strange, since you’d think it would’ve been the other QB on the Foxboro field that would have had the more pressing need for one.

Tom Brady cast arrow

The Pats signal caller was caught outside girlfriend Gisele Bundchen’s Big Apple apartment on Monday, and his stylish faded jeans couldn’t hide the fact that his right foot wasn’t concealed in an ordinary sneaker.

When asked about the apparently injury during an appearance on WEEI radio, Brady calmly responded, “Ah, you know, there‚Äôs always bumps and bruises….It’s nothing serious.” Not surprisingly, the Patriots had no comment about their MVP’s situation.

How does Brady really feel about wearing a walking cast?

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While Pierce Tosses Money, Kim K. Tosses People

Proving she’s not just all brains & beauty, Kim Kardashian showed off a little muscle during a night out with her man Reggie Bush.

Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush christmas shopping

(Reggie carefully carrying Kim’s Christmas cargo.)

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS catches Kimmy kicking out the man who may have helped ruin Reggie’s collegiate career. While at a San Diego club, Kardashian came face-to-face with Lloyd Lake, the sports marketer accused of giving Bush over $300,000 during his days at USC. As the D-N reveals, “She had him tossed out faster than you can say ‘revoked Heisman’!

And Reggie & Kim weren’t the only ones having a fun time out on the town.

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Mitchell Report Fingers Over 50 Current and Former Baseball Players

OVER 50 PLAYERS PICKED IN MITCHELL REPORT FINDINGS: Well, Major League Baseball finally has their hands on the Mitchell Report. And on Thursday, fans and curiosity seekers from all over the world will soon know which of their favorite and least-favorite players is on the juice.

Bonds Juicy Juice

The NEW YORK TIMES needles in on some info that over 50 current and former players have been pointed out in the document as users of illegal performance-enhancing drugs.MLB officials traveled a few blocks from their New York headquarters to the DLA Piper law offices on Tuesday to skim over the final findings. One anonymous source said the MLB men felt the report was “harsh”.

Another anon source said the Players’ Union - who did not visit DLA Piper - were aware of certain parts in the report, and “was upset by what it had seen“.

Maybe this calls for another players’ strike. It’s been a few years since we’ve had one.

Bud Selig George Mitchell

The official announcement of the final Mitchell Report is scheduled for Thursday. Mitchell and MLB commish Bud Selig will hold separate press conferences - George first, then Bud - to discuss the findings.Personally, we find this Mitchell report a lot more amusing.

Race Track Owner Wants NASCAR To Move Nextel Cup Awards From NYC To Las Vegas

TRACK OWNER WANTS NASCAR AWARDS DRIVEN TO VEGAS: A big-wheel racetrack owner wants to drag the Nextel Cup awards ceremony from the Big Apple to Sin City:

NASCAR Cafe Las Vegas

David Caraviello of NASCAR.com revs up news that Burton Smith has been lobbying the racing organization to move the annual end-of-year party from New York to the warmer climate of Las Vegas.Smith is the chairman of Speedway Motorsports, a group that operates seven racetracks used in the Nextel Cup competition - including the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Britney Spears awards performance

According to Caraviello, Burton wants to “move the thing to Vegas, put it in a huge arena, open the upper level for fans and turn it into a motorsports version of the Grammys or the People’s Choice Awards.”However, Caraviello argues against the idea, calling Sin City “conquered territory”, and supports the show’s stay in New York, as a way to keep NASCAR in the minds of Manhattanites.


With Wednesday’s attempt at a racing reminder closing streets and causing traffic delays, many NYC commuters won’t easily forget.

New York NASCAR Event Causes Worse Traffic Than Normal

BIG APPLE DRIVERS SOURED OVER NASCAR TRAFFIC JAM: New York commuters were taken for a ride, as a NASCAR appearance backed up traffic even worse than usual:


The NEW YORK POST reports Manhattan motorists were delayed by over an hour Wednesday morning, as NASCAR held its Victory Lap promotion. Drivers like Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson wound their way through Midtown, closing off streets to other vehicles trying to get to work.The event also took place on the same day as the annual lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, adding to the city’s gridlock woes.

Of course, the drivers didn’t seem to mind. The SAVANNAH (GA) MORNING NEWS raced down this reaction from Carl Edwards: “It’s neat to be able to drive a race car through downtown New York. That’s pretty cool. It’s cool to see all the people amazed at what’s going on.”And cool to see all the people flipping you off, since you’re holding up traffic.

Deter Jeter Owes State of New York Millions In Taxes

JETER JERKED NEW YORK STATE OUT OF MILLIONS IN TAXES: Derek Jeter may be worth millions and loved by millions, but New York state tax officials say he also owes millions:

Derek Jeter

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that the Yankees all-star may have cheated the state out of millions by claiming his residency in Florida but living in Manhattan for the whole time.Jeter, who makes $20 million a year plus much more in endorsements, claimed he’s officially been a resident Tampa since 1994. But he also lives in a $13 million apartment in NYC’s Trump World Tower.

Trump World Tower

State officials say that the Trump pad is Jeter’s real residence, with real estate taxes alone coming out to $70,000 a year. And they hope to convince a judge that despite the Florida claims, Jeter is a New Yorker at heart - and in his wallet.Lawyers for the state’s case wrote, “He keeps items near and dear in his New York apartment. He became immersed in the New York community.”

One of Derek’s neighbors said he “definitely lives here. We see him coming and going all the time.”

Yankees ticket

And many Yankees fans believe Jeter needs to pony up for the propety taxes. As one fan put it, “We’ve got to pay all that money for those damn (Yankees) tickets. He better pay his share.”

Stephon Marbury Coverage By NY Outlets Buries Lazies In Los Angeles

NY MEDIA NBA INTRIGUE MARBURYS LAZYS IN LOS ANGELES We’re intrigued by the Stephon Marbury debacle today, not because of the effect it will have on the Knicks (no one outside the Tri-State cares), but because of the coverage his departure getting by warring New York print outlets:

Stephon Marbury Montage

SPORTS HERNIA chimes in with further spin from the NEW YORK POST:

Stephon Marbury

The DAILY NEWS reports that Marbury bolted the team yesterday after he was told he was being benched. He then followed-up with this ominous quote: “Isiah has to start me. I’ve got so much (stuff) on Isiah and he knows it. He thinks he can (get) me. But I’ll (get) him first. You have no idea what I know.“Meanwhile the Post and NEWSDAY (which cited “news outlets”) report that Marbury claims that Isiah gave his blessing to leave the team.

Who’s right? Who cares? Just keep it going. Goodness knows we won’t get that type of coverage on Kobe Bryant and the Lakers from the lazies in Los Angeles, so we need all the entertainment we can get!

UPDATE: Marbury has been fined $180K (or 60,000 Starbury sneakers) for skipping Tuesday night’s game against Phoenix.