Danny Granger Building A Batcave In New Mexico

When I was a kid (read: last year), I used to create elaborate forts in my parents’ living room out of blankets, pillows, bookcases, and chairs. Once, I somehow managed to create a two-story, multi-roomed palace with a cardboard front gate that consumed the entire living room and connected with the kitchen door. It was the pinnacle, and the end, of my career in structural engineering. I mean, when you’ve got YOUR OWN CARDBOARD FRONT GATE for crying out loud, what more can you do to top it? So I retired from the fort-building business forever.

Danny Granger Batcave

Little did I know then, as I folded up the blankets and reassembled the dining room table, that it didn’t have to end that way. I could have persevered and gone on to accomplish ever more ludicrous fort-like structures. If only I had devoted myself to basketball, gone to the University of New Mexico, and gotten drafted by the Indiana Pacers, my love of fantastical forts and secret passages could have been indulged. Danny Granger did persevere and did choose that path, and that’s why he’s now got a Batcave. Yes, we’ll repeat that: Danny Granger has a Batcave in New Mexico.

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Hazing Mess Derails N.M. State Football Champs

They’re not the first, they won’t be the last. Every few years a hazing scandal erupts at a high school athletics program and goes national. This year’s sad honor goes to Robertson High School in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The Cardinals were state football champions in 2005 and 2006 and runners-up in 2007.

They’re not going anywhere this year after (via THE BIG LEAD) a hazing incident involving broomsticks at preseason camp led to the dismissal of six players and the entire coaching staff. One coach allegedly walked in on one of the brutal incidents and told the players to “cut it out” before leaving. Read more…