Wait, The Parade WOULDN’T Be In New Jersey?

The BERGEN (NJ) RECORD notes today that “New York City said Thursday that it would hold a ticker-tape parade for the Giants Tuesday if Big Blue wins the Super Bowl.

Giants New Jersey Parade

More interesting is the question, “so how come there’s no parade here in Jersey where the Giants actually, you know, play and train? Jerseyans, do you feel snubbed?”

New York Giants Fans New Jersey Tools

Fair question, considering none of the Giants fans in New Jersey will be available for the parade in New York City as they’ll be getting primped for their upcoming night at Hunkabunka’s in Sayreville, NJ. Sayreville’s a good 45 minutes from the The City, so you can’t expect them to change their spray-on tan, hair-starch schedules around a stupid parade?!