Bode Miller Putting Winery On His Farm. Well, Duh

As we all well know, a full 80% of SbB’s readership are dope boys and crack pushers [The previous statement is obviously false. The author went through a “rap phase” when he was 18 and every now and then, this type of stuff comes out. Our apologies.–ed], and as all pushers know, the NUMBER ONE RULE of dealing drugs is you don’t get high on your own supply. Everyone knows that.

Bode Miller with his wine
(Wine, fennel salt, and Megadeth. Sounds like all the ingredients for a helluva Tuesday.)

We get the feeling, though, that Bode Miller doesn’t have that discipline in mind. No, he’s not selling cocaine or anything like that, but considering his reputation as Mr. Party Boy (no, not him), his latest plans to start a winery seem a little transparent.

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HS Hoops Team: 63 Straight Wins, One Huge Loss

Conant (NH) High School’s junior captain, Stephen Record, died in a car crash in December, but was still part of a championship team that won the New Hampshire Class M boys’ basketball title Friday night.

Conant High School Basketball

Local news outlet UNIONLEADER.COM mentions that the win locks up a three-peat for the Jaffey high school, as well as a state championship sweep for boys and girls.

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