Blog-o-Rama: The MLS Finally Making Some News

  • Who knew it would take a crazy naked guy on a plane being restrained by members of the New England Revolution for people to realize that the U.S. has a professional soccer league?  DEADSPIN and THE OFFSIDES RULES are just two of the places where you can get all the crazy naked details.

    Revolution Airport

  • DEJUICED proves that college baseball players know a thing or two about getting arrested as well.
  • THE BIG LEAD would like further evidence that the former Seattle SuperSonics will now be called Oklahoma City Thunder
  • THE BLUE SCREEN informs us of Plaxico Burress’ modification to the Sirius NFL studios.
  • HEISMAN PUNDIT breaks down the fastest players in college football.

MLS Soccer Players Subdue Streaker During Flight

As the New England Revolution was flying to Los Angeles on Friday, some members of the MLS soccer team were probably expecting to see some craziness & maybe a little nudity when they arrived in California. However, they certainly weren’t expecting to see it in mid-flight.

New England Revolution soccer streaker

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that players were treated to an eventful journey on the American Airlines flight, as a passenger stripped naked & tried to open an emergency exit door. Read more…

MLS Player Retires In Order to Join the Priesthood

It doesn’t say much for your professional league when a player decides to retire from your sport to enter the priesthood.

Chase Hilgenbrinck Jesus

The ASSOCIATED PRESS passes along news that Chase Hilgenbrinck is stepping off the Major League Soccer pitch, and stepping into a seminary.

After spending four years playing in Chile, Hilgenbrinck had signed with the New England Revolution in March. But after a few games at Gillette Stadium, Chase heeded the call to someone even more powerful than Revs & Pats owner Robert Kraft: Read more…

Vatican Soccer Feeder System Just Got a Boost

Chase Hilgenbrinck, a New England Revolution defender, has chosen the priesthood over soccer, leaving the club this week to join a seminary. The 26-year-old will spend the next six years working to become a Roman Catholic priest.

Priests playing soccer

Hilgenbrinck, who played sparingly for the MLS squad and spent time previously in Chile playing professionally, considered the move for years before finally beginning the process last year. We wonder if “team chaplain” would be too obvious for the Church, but we submit the suggestion regardless.
Read more…