Favre Doesn’t Want To Be A Distraction To Pack

As we enter day number 4,320 of the Brett Favre Saga in Green Bay, all signs are starting to point to Favre not playing for the Green Bay Packers this season. Sure, he’s in camp with them, but he doesn’t want to be there and they don’t want him there. It’s kind of like when you break up with a girl, and even though both of you know you’re better off without each other, you keep sleeping together until something better comes along.

Brett Favre point

It seems that Brett has had an epiphany, though, because after talking to head coach Mike McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson the grizzled vet is finally realizing he may become a distraction in Packers camp. (In other news, Paris Hilton just realized she has no talent.) You know, because this story and his on again-off again retirement dance hasn’t already been one. Brett’s also ready to admit that he’s just not as good as the one called Aaron Rodgers.

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Packers Hire Ari Fleischer To Handle Favre Mess

Just because Brett Favre has officially been reinstated by Roger Goodell and will be reporting to Packers training camp this morning, that doesn’t mean this entire situation is going to become any less of a joke then it already has been. Don’t get me wrong, Favre has every right to change his mind about playing football, but the Packers have every right to tell him to buzz off.

Packers hire Ari Fleischer

The problem, of course, is trying to spin things to make it look like the Packers aren’t telling the beloved Brett to go screw himself. You can’t really blame team president Ted Thompson for having no idea how to handle this situation. So since Ted is way over his head, there really is only one logical step the Packers could take: hire former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer.

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Packers Talked To Vikings About Acquiring Favre

Usually, when an employer offers a former employee, oh, say, $20 million to stay retired, that’s exactly what happens. Unfortunately for the Packers front office, Brett Favre isn’t just any “former employee,” he’s, well, Brett Favre.

Brett Favre point

Which is why he turned down the hush money and is currently in Green Bay ready to compete for the starting job with Aaron Rodgers.

However, according to the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, the Packers still could trade Favre, possibly to their divisional rival, the Minnesota Vikings.

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Pack Allow Favre To Battle Rodgers For QB Spot

Quick recap: Favre retired, then wasn’t, then the Packers didn’t want him, then they did, then the Pack tried to trade him, then the Jets said “we’ll take him”, then the Pack said “No”, then Peter King said something, then the Pack offered Favre hush money, then Favre accepted the money, then he didn’t want their stinking money, then Roger Goodell said he can play, and now it looks like Favre will be the Packers starting quarterback this year.

Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre

(Two mortal enemies, during happier times)

The official word from the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL is that “the Packers have agreed to allow Favre to compete with Aaron Rodgers for the starting job”, but if there is indeed a camp battle for the QB position, is there anyway the Packers don’t give the job to Favre?

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