Melvin To Yost: “Thanks For Letting Me Fire You”

Amidst the raucous celebrations going on in Milwaukee, Brewers GM Doug Melvin took a couple of minutes out of his day to thank the man they couldn’t have done this without — or with, really. When Ned Yost signed on to Gmail this morning he had a nice little email waiting from Melvin thanking him for his years of service, and for being just incompetent enough to warrant being fired 150 games into a season. This touching gesture was certanly greeted warmly by Yost.

Ned Yost and Doug Melvin

“Here, Ned, let me just get the knife in a little deeper”

Melvin also should have sent emails to Matt LaPorta thanking him for playing well enough to be traded for CC Sabathia, William Bartholomay for moving the Braves from Milwaukee to Atlanta in 1966 (without whom the Brewers might not have ever existed), and the Arizona Diamondbacks for entering the league 10 years ago and forcing the Brewers to the NL Central, where they get to play the Reds and Pirates like 35 times a year.

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Redskins TE Cooley Is Very Revealing In His Blog

• We figured Chris Cooley’s blog would let us get to better know the inner workings of the Redskins’ TE, but we never would have guessed we would see this far inside.

Chris Cooley Christy

If there were naughty bits to be shown on Cooley’s blog, why couldn’t they have belonged to his new hot wife, Christy?

• Cubs hurler Carlos Zambrano no-hits the Astros in Milwaukee. Somehow, that causes Ned Yost to be bounced from the Brewers.

• Speaking of teams with curses, a soccer goalie in the Congo tries to use a little witchcraft, only to see 11 people die in the ensuing mid-game riot.

• The Chiefs get tomahawked by the Raiders. Looks like the wrong AFC West coach is about to get fired.

• Meanwhile, Chargers fans seem ready to hack off Ed Hoculi’s limbs for his questionable non-fumble call against the Broncos.

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Matter Of Time File: Ned Yost Fired By Brew Crew

If it hadn’t happened now, it would’ve happened later. Ned Yost was canned by the Brewers today, with the club currently in freefall in the National League standings.

Ned Yost Fired Wave Goodbye From Fantasy Island

After last season’s collapse, the costly acquisition of C.C. Sabathia and Yost’s particular unpopularity with his own players, Brewers management and the local media, it really was a matter of time before he lost his job.

The bigger question is, why wasn’t this done at the end of last season?
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Prince Apologizes For Planning To Pummel Parra

There are many ways to show leadership in sports: mentor young players, lead by example, or, if you’re Prince Fielder, commit assault & battery.

Prince Fielder is unhappy

On Monday night, Fielder shoved Brewers pitcher & teammate Manny Parra because Parra seemed uninterested in hanging around the dugout after being pulled from the game. Going by the “Oh, crap, I’m about to get wasted by a guy who outweighs me by two bills” expression on Parra’s face, I’m guessing from now on he’ll be the first guy at the park in the morning and the last to leave after the game. Message received, Prince.

For what it’s worth, Fielder did apologize for almost snapping the Brewers pitcher in two, but isn’t sorry for his extremely competitive nature.

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Brewers Beat Reporter On Blog: ‘Whatever That Is’

There go those nutty bloggers again, having the gall to think that they can actually make main media beat reporters work for a living.

Last night the Wisconsin blog BADGER BLOGGER reported that Brewers manager Ned Yost could be fired as early as today. Longtime MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL writer Tom Haudricourt, who is known in the sports print media biz for being a touch cantankerous, had the above reax to the blog entry. Read more…