The Shocking, True Rise And Fall Of ‘Tim Treebow’

Save Tim Treebow! Can we do any less? The Ballyhoo Grill in Gainesville has what I consider one of the great landmarks in all of America, or had, until the NCAA and its band of merry attorneys stepped in.

Tim Trebow

Above is the chainsaw sculpture of a dead oak tree in front of the Ballyhoo — painted and dubbed “Tim Treebow” by the owner — which has drawn wide acclaim, including a mention in GQ MAGAZINE. But the Ballyhoo recently received a “Cease and desist” order from the University of Florida’s NCAA compliance staff. What was to become of Tim Treebow? Read more…

BREAKING: NCAA Prez Myles Brand Passes Away

Sad news comes from the world of college sports today: according to the NCAA, Myles Brand has finally succumbed after a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer, you might recall, is the same disease that killed Pistons and Olympic head coach Chuck Daly earlier this year, as well as Patrick Swayze just earlier this week. It is a brutal, vicious, lethal disease against which most people never stand a chance of survival.

Myles Brand

Brand was hardly an ineffectual executive or an empty suit; even before assuming control of the NCAA, Brand made a name for himself by finally dropping the axe on legendary coach Bob Knight at Indiana. The move remains controversial to this day, and some might argue that Indiana has yet to recover, but it was but a precursor to Brand’s career of transition, bringing the NCAA into the 21st century.

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Reggie & Kimmy K. Getting Back Together Again?

Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian are gonna give love another chance.

Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian

It’s gotta be the new hair!

• Those 38 wins by the Memphis Tigers two years ago? The NCAA declares that it never happened.

• That seems a bit harsh. Next thing you’ll tell me, giving cream cheese to athletes would be considered an NCAA violation.

Plaxico Burress pleads guilty to gun possession charge, will spend the next two seasons playing for the penal pigskin league.

• First Patrick Kane, and now Aqib Talib. Why do pro athletes hate cabbies so much?

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New Way To Profit Off College Athletes Discovered

Remember baseball cards? The staples of the 80s and early 90s - and kids’ introduction to the lucrative world of the bubble market* - helped kids get acquainted with their favorite players and marvel at the laughably long careers of Tommy John and Charlie Hough.

Andre Ware trading card
(Now they don’t even have to be drafted first!)

But those days are long since over; the glut of cards that Topps and other companies put out at the beginning of the ’90s essentially oversaturated the market, and the numerous trading card shops that dotted strip malls across the country have long since been boarded up and replaced with real estate offices and consignment stores. The dream may not be dead, but it’s been spending an awful lot of time in the iron lung recently.

But that’s not going to stop Upper Deck from trying to make a buck in the sports world the old-fashioned way: on the backs of unpaid college athletes.

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NCAA Won’t Punish Clemson For Illegal Underwear

Earlier today, the college football media (or at least Spencer Hall) was abuzz, agape, and agog at the news that the Clemson Tigers football team would be forced by the ACC to give up two preseason practices for the strange, strange violation of improper and illegal benefits underpants (padded compression shorts). Everybody seemed confused by the sudden ruling, from Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney on down.

It was a ruling that came with uncharacteristic speed from the bowels of the NCAA (how’s that Reggie Bush investigation coming?), but when the swift practice sanctions were met with equally swift derisions from all corners of the college football world, the NCAA - cowardly body that it is - retreated this afternoon and reversed the practice penalties. The score now stands: NCAA 129,834 - Common Sense 1.

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NCAA Sees Delaware Gambling, Raises Playoff Ban

The slapfight between the NCAA and Delaware over legalized gambling has reached a new… high? low? something? Who knows.

Wayne's World Delaware

After a judge smacked the NCAA’s lawsuit to stop Delaware from allowing sports betting down, the NCAA responded with a clear message: “We think the federal courts are wrong, we just aren’t allowed to oppose them.” So they did the next “best” thing and banned postseason play in Delaware.

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NCAA Admits First Canadian Member School, Eh?

We’ve always liked Canada. It’s always reminded us a little like a colder, parallel-universe version of Minnesota, a place of which we have many fond childhood memories. It’s almost like being in the USA, but as Vincent Vega once said of Europe, it’s “the little things” that are different. Their football (or “football” as it’s called there) has three downs instead of four, for heaven’s sake - that’s crazy! They play a strange sport called iced-hockey, but allegedly have (an) NBA and MLB team of their own. They’re sports fans up there, just like us.

Simon Fraser Clan

(Team name could use a little work.)

However, one thing that’s always been drastically different about the sporting cultures of the two countries is college sports. NCAA athletics are uniquely American in that they - at least in football and basketball - serve as revenue generators and pro sports feeder leagues as opposed to serving strictly as an arm of the universities they represent. That could all be starting to change, though, as Simon Fraser University in British Columbia is the first Canadian school to join the NCAA. S-E-C…Curling?

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Ex-College QB Suing NCAA, EA Sports Over Game

I don’t play video games nearly as often as I did while still a teenager, but each year I do buy the newest version of EA Sports’ NCAA Football and then spend about two weeks ignoring all friends and responsibilities before putting the controller down. Every year when I get the game, I also make sure that I spend about an hour to an hour and a half manually entering the names of all the players on whichever team I’ve chosen, and the key players from the other schools as well. I just get tired of yelling at WR #83 for dropping passes, I need to know his name to make it real.

Of course the reason I have to do this is because EA Sports can’t use the actual players’ names because even though the NCAA licenses all the schools, mascots, stadiums, etc., they can’t allow them to use the players’ likenesses. Something about them being student athletes and not letting anybody profit off of them except themselves. So using a number instead of a name allows EA to do this.

However, that’s still across the line if you’re former Nebraska and Arizona State quarterback Sam Keller. He’s decided to sue both EA Sports and the NCAA about it.

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NCAA OKs “Sand Volleyball” As New Varsity Sport

Last July, we served up word that the NCAA was considering adding beach volleyball - or “sand volleyball”, as they prefer to call it -  to their varsity curriculum. Now that wonderful dream has become a reality.

beach volleyball sand volleyball

(Coming soon to a campus near you!)

Tom Hoffarth of FARTHER OFF THE WALL reports that the NCAA Division I Legislature voted to add sand volleyball to their list of emerging sports for women. In other words, schools can now start fielding teams that will be officially recognized by the NCAA.

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DE Gov. Calls Out NFL, NCAA on Sports Gambling

Back in March we here at SPORTSbyBROOKS told you about Delaware Governor Jack Markell’s attempt to have sports betting legalized in his home state. With a $750 million deficit in the state’s budget, Markell believes that being the only state east of the Mississippi River to allow sports betting would go a long way in decreasing that deficit. As Markell likes to point out, Delaware already allows slots and horse racing, and you can’t be “half-pregnant.”

Jack Markell

As you’d expect, Markell is finding quite a bit of opposition to his proposals, but not by the fine people of Delaware.  No, the two biggest foes Markell has come across are the two biggest benefactors of Americans who love to bet on sports: the NFL and the NCAA.  In a recent interview with REAL CLEAR SPORTS, Governor Markell talked about the hypocrisy being shown by both of these organizations.

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