NBC Sports Prez Adds To Olympic Nudity Fervor

For this year’s Olympics, there’s been a recent rash of athletes going naked. Amanda Beard stripped off her swimsuit again, but for PETA this time and not Playboy. British cyclist Rebecca Romano went biking in the buff for a Powerade ad.

Dick Ebersol work naked

And now NBC Sports president Dick Ebersol adds to the air of going au natural, suggesting that he’d rather see his employees without clothes than without their visas. Read more…

‘Cracking The Code’ Behind Beach Volleyball Butts

You might not be aware, but the Olympics are almost here. And as official broadcaster of the Summer Games, NBC is dedicated to bringing viewers as much Olympic coverage as they can handle. As such, NBCOLYMPICS.COM offers an alluring image gallery of beach volleyball babes in action, featuring fab photos like this one:

Beach volleyball butt

And the headline NBC used for their photo essay? “Cracking The Code“.

We get behind more volleyball rumps after the jump.

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NBC Analyst Apologizes For Pool Cleaner Remark

Most of us watching the U.S. Open endurance test between Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate last weekend caught some off-hand comments from NBC golf analyst Johnny Miller regarding Mediate’s chances of the David vs. Goliath-style upset, particularly with regard to something about Rocco looking “like the guy who cleans Tiger’s swimming pool.”

Johnny Miller

That gaffe just happened to rile a few people, as most of us predicted when we heard it, and the NEW YORK TIMES’ sports media reporter Richard Sandomir writes that Miller has officially issued an apology for the wisecrack.

I’m still waiting for both him and his partner Dan Hicks to apologize for the sloppy mess they made slobbering over Woods from late last Saturday on, but at least it’s a start, y’know?

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Andrea Kremer Blasts ESPN For MNF Demotions

Hat tips to Michael David Smith at the AOL FANHOUSE for finding this USA TODAY piece by its sports media columnist, Michael Heistrand, in which NBC’s Sunday Night Football sideline reporter Andrea Kremer and producer Fred Gaudelli take shots at ESPN for cutting back the roles of sideline reporters Suzy Kolber and Michele Tafoya on Monday Night Football next year.

Andrea Kremer

It’s worth noting that both Kremer and Gaudelli worked for ESPN before heading to NBC, but they take the Four-Letter to task — Kremer saying that the network’s demotion of Kolber and Tafoya sets back women, with Gaudelli adding that it’s more proof of ESPN being better with studio programs than live sporting events.

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Rainbow-Wigged Fan Now Serving Life In Prison

MENTAL FLOSS has a reminder today of the most notorious fan in history, the guy we always used to see wearing the rainbow wig and toting a “John 3:16″ inside our teevee. The gent’s name is Rollen Stewart, and his tale isn’t all that interesting, but it’s Saturday and we’re not much into the Meineke Car Care Bowl (Free Jim Grobe!), so indulge us.

Rollen Stewart Rainbow Wigged Fan

During the ’70s and ’80s Stewart was all over the national television sports broadcasts, so much so that NBC Sports threatened to fire directors who showed him. Brent Musburger told ESPN that directors in TV trucks would “threaten to kill him” when they saw him appearing in shots.

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