Grizzlies’ Mike Conley Hauls In Attractive Girlfriend

Memphis Grizzlies guard Mike Conley was Greg Oden’s teammate in high school and college, and after looking at Oden every day while growing up, he evidently believes he has earned an upgrade. Here’s Katie, whom BUSTED COVERAGE identifies as a server in a restaurant, and who by all accounts is also Conley’s girlfriend.

Mike Conley & girlfriend on boat

No, she’s not pregnant … that we know of. She’s also not a shy, retiring type, as several of the photos below demonstrate. Things are looking up for Conley: First he regains his starting point guard spot with the Grizzlies, and now this. Read more…

LeBron And Girlfriend Expecting Child Number 3?

When we wondered yesterday if LeBron James would soon enter the world of professional sex-having, one thing we neglected to mention that with two children already to his name, he’s probably pretty good at it. At the very least, he’s got practice.

Lebron and Savannah Brinson
(LeBron and his lady, doing something other than babymaking.)

As it turns out, it may be time to start expecting another young one to the mix. According to FAMECRAWLER, LeBron and longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson are going for number three. Isn’t that a shame? Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s lovechild doesn’t even get a full day in the spotlight. The blog’s source made the announcement in, like, Us Weekly-speak, so hold your nose if you’re not into that sort of thing:  Read more…

Adriana Lima Is Now Carrying Marko Jaric’s Seed

Back in February supermodel Adriana Lima went and ruined the fantasies of teenage boys everywhere by marrying Memphis Grizzlies point guard Marko Jaric. Though it did provide ugly people throughout the world hope that they too could one day land a supermodel so long as they made over a million dollars a year. So far their marriage seems to be going pretty well, though there was that sexual assault scare for Jaric, and it appears things are going even better for the two of them now.

Adriana Lima married

See that picture of Lima right there? She might not ever look that good again because it seems that Jaric wasn’t content with just taking one of the hottest women in the world off the market. No, he had to go and knock her up, too.

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Carmelo’s Fiancee Claims Mavs Fans Are Racists

With the Mark Cuban-Kenyon Martin flap apparently settled, you’d think that would be the end of any hostilities between the Dallas Mavericks & Denver Nuggets. Thank goodness for LaLa Vasquez.

Carmelo Anthony LaLa Vasquez

The MTV personality (as if anyone on MTV had any personality) and fiancee of Carmelo Anthony got into it with some Mavericks fans at the American Airlines Arena during Game 4, with the result of LaLa saying “Ta-ta!” as she was escorted out by security.

The video footage found only shows the aftermath of the incident, so we’re not exactly sure what started the whole mess. But Ms. Vasquez explains why it all went down - because Mavericks fans are racists.

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Melo’s Fiancee Furiously Fights Fan, Gets Ejected

A lot of the off-court news from the Nuggets-Mavericks playoff series has focused on the war of words between Mavs owner Mark Cuban and Lydia Moore, mother of Nugs forward Kenyon Martin. Now that their feud appears to be winding down, America needs a new off-court “thugs and punks” story to keep its ADD-riddled citizens entertained.

LaLa Vasquez

(Oh sure, she looks happy now…)

Thankfully, for the good of the nation, some new Melo-drama has come along to entertain us all. Last night, MTV personality and Carmelo Anthony fiancee LaLa Vasquez decided to start a feud of her own with an unnamed Mavericks fan that ended with Vasquez being escorted from the premises. Score one for the Mavs. Video proof that money can’t buy class, as well as a hearty dose of schadenfreude, after the jump.

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Supermodel Adriana Lima Elopes With Grizzlies PG

With every group of guys, there’s always that one friend in the group that plays way out of his league when it comes to women. The majority of you stay within your “range” of hotness, but there’s the one guy, the one who usually seems to have the least going for him, who ends up marrying the supermodel.

ADriana Lima, Marko Jaric

On the Memphis Grizzlies that would be point guard Marko Jaric. Jaric has somehow kept supermodel Adriana Lima drunk enough to date him since 2006, and has even kept her engaged to him since last June. Then a few weeks ago he actually convinced her to run away with him to Wyoming and get married.

(Pics of the happy bride sans wedding dress after the jump.)

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