Kobe-LeBron Can’t Beat Pro Bowl In TV Ratings?

Admit it, you forgot the Pro Bowl was even on when you were flipping channels on Sunday. Meanwhile, ABC was showing maybe the biggest NBA game of the season with Kobe matching up with LeBron in Cleveland. So what game got more viewers? Sorry Kobe, you might be able to drop 61 at MSG, but it looks like you might never beat the NFL.

NFL cheerleaders

(well, I guess the Pro Bowl does have this going for it too)

According to national ratings from Nielsen, the Pro Bowl drew 8.8 million viewers while the Cavs-Lakers game was watched by only 6.1 million. Granted, the Pro Bowl has its share of stars, and people love football, but the game is generally derided as a joke and an afterthought. The Kobe-LeBron matchup, however, was one of the most hyped individual matchups the NBA has seen in years, given their respective heroics in New York earlier in the week. Has the NBA really fallen this far in the eyes of the general public?

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