Blog Jam: Eddy Curry Would Make a Fine Gymnast

• YAHOO’s BALL DON’T LIE showcases the winners of their fun photoshop contest featuring Eddy Curry as an Olympic gymnast.

Eddy Curry gymnast photoshop

• ESPN reports that the Milwaukee Bucks will face the Golden State Warriors in two exhibition games in China this October. This would make a lot more sense had Yi Jianlian not been traded to the Nets.

• L.A. BALLS bounces along news that despite their popularity with fans, the USC football team will not be sporting black jerseys anytime soon.

• THE SPORTS DOLLAR cashes in with their helpful guide to the Six Types of Sports Bloggers.

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David Stern Building An NBA D-League In China?

It’s no secret that David Stern has himself set on expanding the NBA into global markets. Not content merely with growing in the U.S. — though the argument could be made that there are too many NBA teams already — Stern wants an NBA presence in China, in Europe, and maybe even in India. The man loves his globalization.

But we’ve yet to see his exact plans for the Chinese market. Not anymore. Via Matt Watson at FANHOUSE, Stern knows what he wants from China, and it sounds pretty promising:
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