Week In Review: Erin Andrews Gets Down & Dirty

• Whether you adore her or want to ignore her, Erin Andrews is starting to embrace her popularity more & more - such as posing for a GQ photoshoot.

Erin Andrews GQ 3

• Help wanted: New Mexico football office. Only hot young girls need apply.

• Redskins backup QB Colt Brennan denies reports that he’s Jessica Simpson’s new NFL stud.

Tom Cable shows how rough & tough the Raiders are going to be this season by breaking the jaw of one of his assistant coaches.

• The Dodgers turn to Snoop Dogg to help sell tickets. Fo’ shizzle.

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Jay Glazer Will Not Suffer ESPN’s Mockery Gladly

Jay Glazer will not be bullied by the Boys from Bristol. In fact, the Fox Sports reporter declares, I wouldn’t mind punching one of these guys!”

Jay Glazer

• Wonder if Don Ohlmeyer will mention this in his next ESPN ombudsman column.

• The Knicks’ Nate Robinson Tweets about his recent arrest as it happens!

• For finally signing Stephen Strasburg, the Nationals show their gratitude toward interim GM Mike Rizzo by giving him his walking papers.

• Who would you rather name your new high school after - Alonzo Mourning or Janet Reno?

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Finally, You Get To Chose An NBA Dance Team

So, you’d like to vote for those plucky kids on “American Idol”, but just can’t stand watching it due to all the Seacrest? Well, here’s some democracy you can get behind: The Phoenix Suns are letting fans vote to see who will make the final roster for the Suns Dancers.

Ashley Roberts leads Suns dancers

(No, you may not vote for Ashley Roberts)

The Suns Dancers are currently holding auditions, as if you didn’t know, with the finals coming on Saturday (video and more photos following the jump). And featured on the team site is a page where fans can vote for the final 16 they think should make the squad. Two things about that, though:

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Move Over, Shaq: James Johnson Brings Da Funk

We’re big fans of Shaq. Have been for years. It’s not just that he’s been one of the most dominant players in NBA history, of course. It’s all the other stuff - the police raids, the White House pop-ins, the Twitterness, the David Beckham “feud”. Just as recently as last week, you warmed our hearts with your Conan O’Brien dance contest. We’ll always love you and your wacky, attention-whoring ways.

James Johnson Dancing

But while we hope you succeed at beating everyone at everything in your new, narcissistic reality show ventures, we’ve found a new favorite NBA player to watch and be entertained by. No, not Ron Artest. And jeez, no, of course it’s not Starbury. No, we’re talking about Bulls rookie James Johnson, who has assumed the crown - for now - of the awesomest player in the NBA. Not only is he an actual multi-discipline athlete - an undefeated kickboxer/MMA fighter -  he’s a dancing machine … who thankfully for us, showed off his breakdancing skills on YouTube.

(Video after the jump.)

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Ex-Cheerleader Will Stream Your Video Content

Yes, Josan Crawford (on the right, below) is the owner and co-founder of an Internet startup that features sports videos. But that’s where the similarities to Bill Gates or Mark Cuban end. Although I should reserve judgment until I’ve seen either of those guys in a Vikings cheerleader outfit.

Josan Crawford Vikings cheerleaders

Crawford is a veteran of the cheerleader wars, having served honorably with the Arena Football League’s Minnesota Fighting Pike cheerleaders; professional roller hockey’s Minnesota Arctic Blast cheerleaders, the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx Stunt Team, and four seasons as a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader.

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Panthers VP Hits On Fox Anchor During Interview

• Florida Panthers exec Uri Man shows what kind of man he his by hitting on Fox News anchor Ainsley Earhardt during an on-air interview.

Ainsley Earhardt Uri Man

Bud Selig softening on Pete Rose Hall of Fame ban? Don’t bet on it.

• Ladies & gentlemen, your 2009-10 Sacramento Kings Dance Team!

• And the Jeremy Mayfield meth mess goes on: NASCAR says they have witnesses that saw him do the drug.

• Just because “Zorn” rhymes with “porn”, that doesn’t mean the Redskins coach has ever wanted to seen any.

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Drink In The Majesty Of The Sacto Kings Dancers

Who can forget this great moment in sports from 2008, when WITH LEATHER uncovered a cache of highly inappropriate photos of the Sacramento Kings Dance Team running amok at a party? Ah, memories.

Nothing like that this year, unfortunately (the Kings organization had a seizure when those photos got out). But the Kings Dance Team marches on anyway, having just completed 2009 auditions this weekend. Videos of the grueling selection process, and the final results, following the jump.

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Michael Vick Allowed To Resume His NFL Career

T.O.’s Twitter-based lobbying must have worked, as Michael Vick has been reinstated into the NFL - if any team wants him.

Michael Vick dog

O.J. Simpson is having a swell time in prison - except that he thinks his cellmate is ready to kill him.

• While the real Canadian Open gets washed out, Canadian soldiers hold their own golf tournament in sunny Afghanistan.

Hank Aaron wants steroid “cheaters” out of the Hall of Fame, but wants Pete Rose in.

Michael Strahan’s new Fox sitcom looks terrific - terrifically bad.

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Only The Finest Dancers Shall Perform For LeBron

In our sacred quest to bring you dance and cheerleader tryouts from every NBA team, today we proudly present the official Cleveland Cavaliers Dance Team auditions. These photos are from the finals, held July 20-23. It’s like an extra-special episode of “Fame,” only with somewhat creepy judges:

Cavs dancers auditions

And I guess it takes more to be a Cavaliers Dancer than any of us thought. Not only does one have to be attractive and limber, but - as seen at the top of the official Cavaliers Girls site - apparently journalism skills are also required:

Cavs girls interview horse

What’s going on in that pic? Is she preparing to interview the horse?

Anyway, back to the actual dance photos:

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Dance Tryouts For Spurs Is Logistical Nightmare

Fellas, take a powder or something; this post is for the ladies. Ladies who are young, athletic, and in the greater San Antonio area, to be precise. We good? Ladies, you with me? Excellent. Now, let’s get right to it: Would you like to be a Silver Dancer for the San Antonio Spurs?

Spurs Silver Dancers
(Looking good, looking good.)

Oh, you would? Fantastic! It’s all a very simple process, really. As RANDBALL mentions, all you have to do is agree to this unholy amount of time commitment and paperwork: Read more…