F1 Chief Mosley Wins Damages Over Orgy Photos

Formula One head Max Mosley has been through a lot after NEWS OF THE WORLD published photos of him involved in what appeared to be a Nazi-themed, sado-masochistic orgy involving Holocaust-related death scenes. He had to cop to an S&M fetish, which shocked his wife Jean. So, what does he do? Thanks to more liberal laws regarding privacy suits in the U.K., he sued the tabloid and the courts ruled in his favor to the tune of £60,000.

Max Mosley

Per THE GUARDIAN, the judge did not find anything resembling Nazi themes in the video.

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FIA Boss’ Sexual Perversion Good For A Laugh?

Max Mosley, the FIA boss best known for his Nazi sex orgy video, admits he’s had a life-long obsession with sado-masochistic acts - one his wife of 48 years knew nothing about.

Max Mosley Nazi sex orgy

The LONDON DAILY MAIL spanks up the confession from Mosley, who’s in court suing NEWS OF THE WORLD for publishing pics of his naughty Nazi-themed fling with five prostitutes.

Max admitted that he’s enjoyed carnal corporal punishment “from a young age“, but he kept his dirty desires secret from his wife, Jean. When the photos were released to the public, Mosley said that the little missus was “completely and utterly devastated“. Gee, we wonder why.

Mosley denies that his latest photo-captured erotic adventure was Nazi-esque, claiming that he could think of “few things so unerotic” as concentration camp roleplay. But while he may dispute shouting “Sieg Heil” and abusing prostitutes dressed as prisoners, Mosley does admit that such brutal hijinks are actually good for a chuckle or two: Read more…