One’s Ankles Are Not Supposed To Bend That Way

We had ourselves another one of “those” moments earlier today in the Packers-Vikings game, the Joe Theismann/Napoleon Kaufman kind of instance where a gruesome replay unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re sick) catches a closeup of a horrific injury. The victim this time? Vikings return man Charles Gordon and his poor, poor ankle.

Charles Gordon

(Gordon, during happier times, when both ankles were intact)

The play came in the first half of the game, when Gordon got his ankle caught under a Packers player while getting tackles.

PROFOOTBALLTALK.COM has some more details: “Though Joe Buck and Troy Aikman missed the fact (both live and via replay) that Gordon’s foot was pointing in the wrong direction once the play had ended, it was obvious when FOX went to commercial that something was horribly wrong.”

The grotesque video for you sick individuals is after the jump. Warning: You might want to hold off eating before viewing it. It’s a doozy.

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