Travis Henry Makes Bail; Dodgers & Clemson Wail

• Suspected cocaine trafficker & ex-NFL RB Travis Henry is out of jail on $400,000 bail. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Travis Henry Broncos

• The Los Angeles Dodgers and Clemson Tigers sure could use a hug.

• It was sink or swim for a Zimbabwe soccer squad. Unfortunately, one of their players drowned.

Morten Andersen wants a chance to kick the record of NFL’s oldest player.

• U-Dub and Wazzu are on pace to finish out their seasons with a finale we’re officially dubbing the Rotten Apple Cup.

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Family of Wrestler’s Wife Loses Lawsuit v. Hustler

When Nancy Benoit was murdered at the hands of her husband Chris last year, Hustler magazine decided to pay tribute to the late wrestler’s late wife - by publishing lingerie & semi-nude photos she had posed for in the early ’80s.

Nancy Benoit

Well, Nancy’s family didn’t take too kindly to Larry Flynt profiting from the painful publicity of their daughter’s death. So they sued the publication of perverts’ choice for putting out the photos in their March 2008 issue.  However, a judge has ruled that publishing photos of the late Mrs. Benoit in the buff may be tasteless, but it’s not illegal.

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Website: Wife Texted Benoit About Steroid Abuse

The wife of Chris Benoit was worried about her husband’s growing steroid use, and texted the wrestler her concerns just a month before he went on his family killing spree, according to a wrestling website.

Chris and Nancy Benoit

STEROID NATION passes along news from PROWRESTLING.NET that Nancy Benoit had sent text messages to Chris warning him about his drug abuse.

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Chris Benoit Kills Wife & Son Before Killing Himself

The TORONTO SUN is reporting that investigators believe pro wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife and son over the weekend before killing himself on Monday:

Chris Benoit

All three bodies were found in different rooms of the family’s Atlanta home. An autopsy is scheduled for today to determine the actual causes of death of Chris, Nancy and Daniel Benoit.