Filthy Sign Language Lessons With Rick Majerus

Rick Majerus: good-natured goofball or basketball tyrant? Despite the image he tries to project (and his resemblance to the Dad from “Just the Ten of Us,” it’s becoming abundantly clear that the only thing the former Utah and current St. Louis coach loves more than a free buffet is making his players’ lives miserable. At St. Louis, he’s managed to set the bar so low for his team before the season that they’ve tripped over it and later said his team had no chance to win the conference tournament.

Lance Allreds new book and Rick Majerus

But that’s nothing compared to his exploits at Utah, where according to an earlier SPORTS ILLUSTRATED piece he had a thing about being naked and showing off his … ahem … Running Ute. Somewhat lost in the hubbub and mass vomit that took place thanks to the mental images created of a sweaty, naked Rick Majerus naked in a steamroom was his treatment of certain players, including center Lance Allred, who has 80 percent hearing loss. Majerus might have been cleared of any wrongdoing in a school investigation, but a new book by Allred reviewed by CLEVELAND SCENE sheds more light onto his claims.

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