Bending It Like Beckham Just Got a Lot Easier

It being the Insane Black Friday and all - some places a little more insane than others - it feels appropriate to bring you this review of a video game that will no doubt be on your Christmas wish list: Naked Babe Soccer. Essentially, it’s a game for your handheld something-or-other that contains four “soccer skill” mini-games featuring naked girls jiggling their boobs. All in glorious 16-bit graphics! How could it possibly be bad?!?!?!

Naked Babe Soccer

(Insert joystick joke here)

Pretty easily, evidently. According to POCKETGAMER.COM, the game leaves a lot to be desired in the realm of “quality”. But really, when you’re investing in something like this, gameplay is low on the list of reasons to buy. The real question is if the naked videogame ladies are going to help the quality of your “pocket pool” game.

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