NFL Draft Left Quite An Impression On Gammons

Peter Gammons Tweeted this from his account yesterday:

Peter Gammons Tweets About Sarah Palin

(Myron Rolle: Taking Back Gammons Country)

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Eddy Curry Made Gay Sex Offers & Racial Slurs?

• A chauffeur claims the Knicks’ Eddy Curry plays for the other team, if you know what we mean - and he apparently plays pretty rough.

Eddy Curry David Lee

Watch your back, David Lee!

• What do you do when your top-seeded team gets tossed from the playoffs? If you’re a Giants fan, you pummel a Porsche & smash a SUV.

• Florida State safety Myron Rolle shuns NFL glory for an Oxford education.

• The Miami Heat hit upon a new PR strategy - suing their season ticket holders for unpaid-for seats.

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FSU’s Myron Rolle Chooses Oxford Over The NFL

This Sunday could be a very big day for the Rolle families. If both the Ravens and Cardinals are able to pull off victories this weekend, that means both Samari Rolle and Antrel Rolle will be squaring off against each other in the Super Bowl with Rolle family supremacy on the line.  It’s the kind of thing that Myron Rolle — Samari’s cousin — doesn’t want to be a part of.

Myron Rolle

You may remember that Myron was recently awarded a Rhodes scholarship, which gives him the chance to attend Oxford University in England for free, and it’s also a great way to pick up chicks while in a bar — it was Bill Clinton’s go-to move before he became President. Of course, Myron doesn’t have to go to Oxford considering that he’ll be a first round pick in the NFL draft, which means he’ll soon be a millionaire, but Myron has bigger plans for his life than the NFL - which is why he’s going to put it off and go to Oxford instead.

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FSU Rhodes Scholar Is Best Person In The World

How many times have we said, “Florida State’s football team isn’t exactly a bunch of Rhodes Scholars?” We were wrong. Safety Myron Rolle just took every stereotype we had about FSU football, and eradicated them like he’s eradicating obesity and diabetes on a Seminole Reservation in Florida.

Myron Rolle

Oh yeah, he’s also studying the metabolic profile of stem and cancer cells, tutoring at-risk eighth graders, and is one of the best safeties in the nation and a shoe-in for the NFL Draft; unless he decides to study medical anthropology at Oxford. How many ways can I say this? Myron Rolle is better than you in every way.

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