Steelers Sore As NFL Rips Off The Terrible Towel

The Homer Hanky. The Rally Monkey. Towel Power. All items designed to help fans rally their team to a decisive victory. And all owing a debt the grandfather of them all, the Terrible Towel. The creation of longtime Steelers broadcaster Myron Cope, the Terrible Towel is as much of a symbol of Pittsburgh as Iron City Beer, its many bridges and shuttered steel mills.

Terrible Towel

But now Pittsburghers (Pittsburgians? Pittsburghesi?) are steaming mad about the latest idea to liberally borrow from the Terrible Towel - especially since the alleged rip-off artists in question are the NFL. The PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW says that the league is planning on making “Trophy Towels” a highly-visible part of the post-Super Bowl celebrations, and then start selling them the next day.

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Blog The Casbah: Why Yes, Bobby, I Am Curious

  • Bob Knight has some recommendations for your new head coach. Thanks, DEADSPIN.

  • MDS at FANHOUSE says the International Olympic Committee might boot Saudi Arabia if they don’t allow their women to compete. Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: NFL Game Caller Charlie Jones Dies

Tom Hoffarth of FARTHER OFF THE WALL is sad to see the passing of legendary NFL broadcaster Charlie Jones.

Charlie Jones NFL broadcaster

• DEADSPIN punches up rumors that Mike Tyson had ordered a hit on the guy who killed his bodyguard.

• MR. IRRELEVANT informs us that Jamie Mottram is leaving “Blog Show“. Well, once you’ve had Erin Andrews, what else is there?

• WHO ATE ALL THE PIES finds this year’s Pulitzer winner: A German Euro 2008 reporter running late for his flight decides to call in a bomb threat.

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Myron Cope Waving His Terrible Towel In Heaven

The PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE reports Myron Cope, longtime Steelers announcer, passed away on Wednesday.

Myron Cope Steelers broacaster

The 79-year-old Cope was best known for helping create two of the most famous icons in Pittsburgh sports history - the Terrible Towel, and the christening of Franco Harris’ famous catch as the “Immaculate Reception.”

Myron spent 35 years calling Steelers games before health problems led to his retirement in 2005. Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl remembers that even outside the broadcast booth, Cope had a lot to say. Read more…