Michael Vick Reality Show May Soon Be A Reality

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is set to be released from federal custody into the wild on July 20. This is a fact that has been reported upon again and again, and by nearly every media outlet, from ESPN to FOX NEWS and everywhere in between. Even while Vick was locked up in faraway Leavenworth, Kansas, there was a steady stream of coverage of the fallen Atlanta Falcons QB’s prison exploits and financial woes. As Vick’s release date nears, it’s a sure bet that this coverage will intensify ad nauseum, both in the sports and the mainstream media.

However, if constant SportsCenter updates and Larry King interviews won’t be enough for people to get their fix of Michael Vick news, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER has some good news. There’s a Michael Vick reality show in the works, coming soon to a ratings-hungry television network near you!

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