Bill Murray, Muslims Offer Answers to 0-2 Cubs

One loss away from another season without a championship, the faithful Cub fans don’t seem all that faithful; just scour through some of the more popular Cubs blogs and you’ll find words like: “I guess this means it can be done. But not by this team, not the way it’s playing.” and “What should the Cubs priorities this offseason be?” Ouch.

Bill Murray

Who could blame them though, after 100 years losing can get a little old. Not everyone in their fanbase is ready to call it a year, though. The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports that 100 Muslims will “pray for Allah to change the team’s dim fortunes” outside of Wrigley Field today. One Muslim scholar told the paper that Muslims usually do not pray to Allah for matters that “do not have any element of human suffering.” He clearly is not a Cubs fan.

The Muslims are not alone, Bill Murray, possibly the Cubs’ most famous fan is offering his favorite team some advice and words of encouragement. In an interview also found in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE the actor suggested skipper Lou Piniella make some adjustments to the lineup, “Against Derek Lowe, only the left-handed hitters have a chance because of the way he pitches.Read more…