Killer of HS Cheerleader Gets Life Without Parole

Marisha Jeter was a popular student at Union County High School in South Carolina, where she made her mark as a cheerleader, honor student, junior class president and member of the school band & her church choir. But the 16-year-old’s life was tragically cut short when she was kidnapped & murdered by a deranged couple.

Marisha Jeter cheerleader murder victim

And now the man responsible for her brutal slaying has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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Ex-Spartan Found Insane In Defenestration Case

Every now and then, there are those prized, tantalizingly athletic recruits that seem a bit… off. Usually it’s nothing. But in a few rare instances, they turn legitimately, clinically, criminally insane. Alonzo Spellman, we’re looking right at you on this one.

Hubert Boo Boo Thompson

But former Michigan State Spartan DE Hubert “Boo Boo” Thompson, however, upped the ante in horrific “oh god you win game over” fashion two years ago, hurling his 66-year-old neighbor off a third-story balcony, killing him. A judge just ruled, however, that Thompson needs treatment more than punishment, as Thompson was just declared insane.

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Kazemi’s Sister Believes ‘A Third Person Involved’

Obviously, the details will end up shaking themselves out in the coming days and weeks, but the past 24 hours have seen a confusing mess of conflicting details regarding the murder of Steve McNair and the as-yet-unclassified death of Sahel Kazemi.

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo

Many high profile murder-suicides (if that’s what this is) tend to feature troubled, unhappy relationships and disturbed individuals (think Chris Benoit or Phil & Brynn Hartman). But if Sahel Kazemi’s family is to be believed, nothing could be further from that profile. That leaves one possibility, in the family’s mind: there must have been a third person involved.

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Inspirational FB Star Charged w/Shooting Girlfriend

A few months from now, we could have been talking about Javorris Jackson as one of the most inspiring rookies in the NFL. After all, he overcame serious injuries after being shot back in 2002, went through three years of grueling rehabilitation, and this past season was an honorable mention All-American as a 28-year-old senior at Savannah State. He was even on track to graduate in the fall.

Javorris Jackson

But all that is out the window now. Jackson has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder for allegedly shooting his girlfriend to death in a Detroit suburb on Sunday. He then turned the gun on himself, but survived the self-inflicted blast to his chest. His brother, Lions lineman Grady Jackson, is among those close to him who are shocked that he could do something like this.

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NFL RB Killer To Be Released From Prison Today

Do you remember Deidra Lane? It has been awhile since she was in the headlines, so maybe you need a refresher course. Lane is the woman who, back in 2000, murdered her husband, Carolina Panthers running back Fred Lane, in their home.

Deidra Lane

While Lane said at the time that she killed her husband in self defense as he had become abusive to her, Fred Lane’s attorneys said she did it in hopes of cashing in on a $5 million life insurance policy after she found out he was going to leave her. We can’t be sure who was telling the truth, but Deidra did plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2003 and has been in prison ever since. Well, at least until this morning.

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