Ex-MLBers To Play Drug Dealers In Upcoming Film

Imagine you’re a small-time actor who wants to make a mob movie. You’ve written a script, you’ve borrowed a camera, you’ve got moxie out the wazoo. All you need now is money and actors, and you’re well on your way to an Academy Award. Where to go from there?

Bronson Arroyo
(Crappy pitcher, crappy musician, soon-to-be crappy movie producer)

If you’re actor William Demeo, you turn to the group of people with the best combination of money, delusions of grandeur, and free time - that’s right, professional athletes. Demeo’s making a mob movie called “The Sixth Family”, and apparently it’s going to star half of Major League Baseball.

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Kim K’s Got Too Much Push In The Tush For Bush

Celebutantes such as the lovely Kim Kardashian attract our attention for mostly their looks and giggles about their aspirations and film “projects”, mainly thinly veiled attempts to exploit what looks they have. Now, her beau, New Orleans Saints’ running back Reggie Bush, isn’t quite thrilled with those looks so much.

Kim Kardashian bikini

The NEW YORK POST’S “Page Six” clues us in to Bush’s desire to see Kardashian lose a little of the cushion he’s been pushin’ for a while now.

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Awaiting Steve Nash’s Next Cinematic Masterpiece

Once Steve Nash gets done with this whole basketball thing, he has let it be known that he’d like to join the pantheon of great Canadian filmmakers, like, um … Judd Apatow! and, uh… Paul Haggis! In fact, he’s already gotten his start, as reports THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, producing a Nike ad that is somehow not really an ad.

Nash produced the 81-second piece and is the first Nike major sports athlete to do so (skateboarding and BMX athletes get similarly involved). Nash wrote it, pitched it, hired the director (Lola Schmabel) and produced his first piece on a $30,000 budget during his stay in New York City last summer. Read more…

Cards’ Tony LaRussa Is An Aspiring Movie Mogul

In an otherwise throw-away short bit in the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, we discover that Cardinals manager Tony La Russa has his own movie production company.

Tony La Russa

Coach Sunglasses at Night’s company, Red Bird Cinema, apparently has an agreement with Sugar Ray Leonard to make a movie based on the boxer’s life story (the manager has already made “3 Days In August,” based on his own life). I’ll be hoping for more good things from La Russa — everyone needs to diversify — and I think he’s siting on a gold mine of material.

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NFL Warns Wisc. Theaters From Showing Packers

The NFL is seeing red over movie theaters showing Green Bay’s playoff game this Saturday.

Seattle Seahawks Green Bay Packers

The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL reports that the league has sent cease-and-desist letters to three Wisconsin cinemas over their plans to put the Packers on their big screens.

The NFL argues that the theaters showing the game are violating copyright law. One movie house - the Fox Bay Cinema Grill in suburban Milwaukee - has already conceded to cancel their showing. However, the two other theaters in question - the Rivoli in Lacrosse & the Majestic in Madison - say they haven’t received any letters from the league.

And owners of the Rivoli say their presentation will go on as planned.

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Live-Action “Speed Racer” Headed For Big Screen

BUSINESS WIRE revs up news that a live-action version of the animated series “Speed Racer” will be making pit stops at theaters this May.

Speed Racer poster costume

The film will be produced & directed by the Wachowski brothers, the team responsible for making “The Matrix” movies. The cast includes Christina Ricci, Susan Sarandon, and John Goodman, with Emile Hirsch in the title role.

To help promote the flick, Warner Bros. will have Speed’s racer Mach 5 on display at this month’s North American Auto Show in Detroit. Someone better keep an eye on the hubcaps.

Will the film be any good?

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UW Kids Kung Fu Fighting For Bruce Lee Statue

A group of University of Washington students are working towards getting an on-campus statue built for one of their biggest athletic heroes - Bruce Lee:

Bruce Lee Statue

(Photo found by fine folks at FARK)

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that efforts are being made to honor the kung fu movie star with his own memorial, to be featured alongside other such figures as George Washington and William Shakespeare.

So far, the group says they’ve collected over 1,000 signatures in support - including most members of the Huskies men’s & women’s basketball teams.

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