There May Be A Few Divots At U.S. Bank Champs

Sure, when we finally need an old man to chase people off of the lawn, there’s none to be found. One of the perks of living in the Milwaukee area is being able to watch the PGA U.S. Bank Championship. But considering what’s happening to banks lately, this news item shouldn’t be too shocking.

With the tournament only two weeks away, vandals apparently drove motorcycles onto the course and tore up the grass pretty good on the 17th hole. Authorities are currently seeking the whereabouts of Kelly Leak. Read more…

New Year’s Eve Jump Twice As Nice For Madd Man

Robbie Maddison’s record-breaking jump was so nice, he did it twice (video link now posted, yay!).

Robbie Maddison motorcycle stunt

Just after midnight Eastern on New Year’s Eve, outside the Rio casino in Las Vegas, the Aussie motorcycle daredevil went airborne over two football fields - and landed safely, setting a new Guinness world record by traveling 322 feet.

But Maddison had so much fun on the run, he immediately told an ESPN interviewer that he wanted to do it again - much to the chagrin of his fiance-slash-manager, Amy Sanders.

So within minutes, Robbie raced back, revved up and rushed up the ramp - to the same satisfying results.

Trojan condoms pig commercial

Maddison must have felt he owed an encore to all the viewers on the Worldwide Leader, who had to sit through the same Trojan condoms pig commercial over and over and over and over while waiting for the jump. The spot (yes, there was only one) actually had us yearning for Frank TV promo spots.