Ex-Purdue Coach Tiller Now Tooling Around In RV

It’s another Saturday, meaning another full plate of college football action - also meaning tens of thousands of fans are setting up shop outside stadiums to tailgate their tails off.

Joe Tiller motor home

(”It’s coming right at me! Noooooooooo!”)

One of the newest members of the tailgating scene is Joe Tiller, the former Purdue & Wyoming coach. Tiller left West Lafayette at the end of last season, and is enjoying his retirement in  the small Wyoming town of Buffalo. Although he’s no longer in the coaching profession, Joe still has an itching to partake in the pigskin festivities. Fortunately for him, he saved up & got himself an RV, so he can travel the country campus to campus and continue to soak the collegiate atmosphere all in.

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Woman Is Hit By Stray Bullet At A NASCAR Race

So there are two races left in NASCAR’s Chase for the Winston Nextel Sprint Cup and apparently Jimmie Johnson is going to win the thing.   He’s got 106-point lead and that’s like an insurmountable lead at this point, or at least that’s what they tell me.   I’m not exactly the biggest NASCAR fan in the world, but I have my reasons.   One being that it gets kind of boring to watch cars drive in a circle for four hours, and the other reason is for my personal safety.

You see, going to a NASCAR race is pretty dangerous.  I mean you can be sitting in your motor home while parked on the infield at the speedway just minding your business, and the next thing you know there’s a bullet coming through your roof and hitting you right in the arm.

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