Lawyer Wins Landmark A’s Floppy Sun Hat Case

Alfred G. Rava, the Grinch Who Stole Mother’s Day, is $50 richer this week after winning a discrimination lawsuit he brought against the Oakland A’s. Rava was miffed after the A’s gave out floppy Mother’s Day sun hats during a 2004 promotion, and he didn’t get one. Oh, did I mention that Rava is a lawyer?

A judge has given preliminary approval to a $510,000 settlement for those who can prove that they were among the first 7,500 fans attending that game, and didn’t get a hat. Claimants will receive $50 each, two-for-one A’s tickets and a $25 Macy’s coupon — plus the comforting knowledge that ESPN’s Rick Reilly has written a column about the whole thing. That latter is as good as currency in El Salvador and Maldives.

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