Norfolk State V-Ball Player Was Bait In Robberies

You have to hand it to Norfolk State: while they might not be a sports powerhouse, their athletes keep finding new ways to get publicity (and in this age, notoriety is just as good as fame). First you had the two track athletes who were arrested for firing guns at a resort during Spring Break, and then trying to hide the guns by burying them at the beach - the perfect thing for little Timmy to find when he’s digging for seashells.

Norfolk State player Jourdan Ellison

But now the VIRGINIAN-PILOT has a story which might trump that: a starter on the men’s basketball team and a women’s volleyball player, were among a group of six students arrested in connection to a string of motel robberies in the Norfolk area. And if that’s not enough, the volleyball player, freshman Jourdan Ellison, told police that she and another female student were used as bait to lure unsuspecting victims to their doom:

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