Most Dangerous Sport For Women: Cheerleading

While it may seem like cheerleaders have all the fun by dating Thad the All-State Quarterback or by getting the glory of being named Prom Queen, as the movie “But, I’m a Cheerleader” has shown, there’s a dark underbelly to the all the gum-twirling and general airheadedness. And in some cases, that underbelly is deadly!

Cheerleader giving a headlock

(”See! Cheerleading is SO a sport!”)

According to LIVESCIENCE, cheerleading “is far more dangerous than any other sport” for high school and college women. And that’s even before taking into consideration the daily dangers of riding in elevators or undergoing excrement-based hazing rituals.

Any jerks out there who still fall under the “cheerleading is not a sport” cloud, take a look at some of these gory stats:

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