Sorry Morganna, Rafer Is The New Kissing Bandit

Amid the drama and excitement of Orlando forcing a Game 7 with Boston was a peculiar sight: Rafer Alston, apparently trying to atone for his Eddie House headslap by, um, kissing a referee’s bald head, as seen below.

Rafer Alston Ref Kiss
(Okay, then.)

But as sharp-minded sports fans like HG at YOU BEEN BLINDED recall, this isn’t a crazy, one-off situation; Rafer kisses dudes on the court all the time. Which is fine, we suppose - it’s the 21st century, this is totally fine among European straight men, and as long as crotches don’t get involved there’s nothing really objectionable. Still, let’s take a look back at Rafer’s exploits through the years. Read more…