Gary Carter Could Use Mr. Met Hug After Shunning

Gary Carter, Expo Hall-of-Famer and world champion Metropolitan, misses the Mets organization so much that he can’t stop asking for a job there, usually while someone else holds the position.  He also can’t stop quacking on the topic of the day, which is why he’s the manager of the Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League.

Gary Carter

Heck, Mets fans, he’ll even volunteer to catch a baseball thrown by another ex-baseball player in a ceremonial fashion if you’d just let him.  For free!  He’s a giver.  So why didn’t the Mets invite him to do so when they closed Shea or schedule him to open Citi Field?  That’s all Gary Carter wants to know.

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Nationals Refuse To Pay Rent On New DC Ballpark

When they first arrived in town, the Washington Nationals were so gung ho about getting out of RFK Stadium and having the city build them a brand new $611 million ballpark. And now the team is showing their appreciation of having a new taxpayer-funded home by refusing to pay any rent.

Nationals Park sign

The WASHINGTON POST reports that the Nats have not paid any of the $3.5 million in rent they owe to D.C. In fact, Ted Lerner & Co. are actually demanding money from the district - about $100,000 a day in damages.

Why the financial fighting? The Nats say their new stadium is incomplete.

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Blog Jam: WNBA Coach Can’t Contain Excitement

• THE SPORTS HERNIA shows how excited assistant coach Steve Shuman is about the upcoming WNBA season, based on his media day photo:

Steve Shuman WNBA assistant coach

• The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports that setting new levels of success and beating the Yankees still can’t get Rays fans out to Tropicana Field.

• The ORLANDO SENTINEL tosses news of a Florida State baseball player who gets around - by playing all nine positions in a single game.

• GUTTY LITTLE BRUINS brews up video of Rick Neuheisel extolling the virtues of UCLA football to some new recruits.

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The Fine Art Of Fan Alienation, With Jeffrey Loria

You’re Jeffrey Loria. (Apologies in advance.) Your first foray into the sports realm after many false starts began with feet-kicking about a new stadium for your Montreal Expos. When that went poorly, you salted the earth in Quebec with incessant whining. Eventually, the other owners came to your ‘rescue’ with a bailout of unprecedented proportions.

Jeffrey Loria, master baiter

In Miami, you stumble into a 2003 World Series win, making you a very successful accidental tourist. You respond by immediately breaking out your poutin’ shoes again and demand a new stadium. When this fails repeatedly, you chop salary again and alienate a second fan base. When you finally get that stadium deal, does it seem like a good time to lay low and not act petulantly? Read more…

John McHale, 1st Prez of Montreal Expos, Expires

John McHale

Another link to the dearly-departed Montreal Expos has left this mortal coil.

The CANADIAN PRESS reports that John McHale, the first president of Canada’s National League franchise, died Thursday at the age of 86.

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