Monta Ellis Finally Grasping Don Nelson’s Offense

Fabulous trick shot by Monta Ellis of the Golden State Warriors:

Monta Ellis Trick Shot

Or as Don Nelson calls it, an “open look you have to take.

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Warriors PR Chief Posts Anonymously On Forums

The Golden State Warriors’ front office cannot comprehend why their fans would feel the need to vent about their frustrations with the franchise. After all, they were winners dozens of time this season! 29 times total against 53 losses, but that’s just negative talk.

Golden State Warriors accentuate the positive

In the fight against negativity, Golden State Warriors public relations director Raymond Ridder is a shining knight. A warrior, if you will. That’s why he donned the armor of anonymity and jumped into the comments at WARRIORSWORLD.NET to post defenses of the Warriors management and players at least five times in the last year, including a slam of FANHOUSE blogger and Warriors analyst Matt Steinmetz.

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Warriors Win NBA’s Most Screwed Up Team Award

A team of headcases. Every league has to have one. Where the players’ antics are bound to grab the front pages as often as the back. Where the front office competes with the players to see who respects the coach less. Where every fan of a losing team can look, and say, “at least I’m not a fan of those guys.” But with Isiah Thomas gone and the Knicks actually looking like they have a plan, who inherits the title of the NBA’s problem child?

Don Nelson

(This is how Don Nelson looks when he wakes up every morning.)

Quietly, but surely, the ridiculousness has been mounting in the Bay Area. The Golden State Warriors are an absolute train wreck right now, with the team making up injury reports, threatening their own players to opt out of contracts, and at least four players missing tonight’s game with dubious — or no — excuses.  Click to after the jump to find out why, as bad as your squad might have it, at least you’re not a Warriors fan.

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Moped Wreck Costs Monta Ellis 30 Games, Dignity

These are dark days for Golden State and their faithful. They lost Baron Davis to free agency, then accomplished precisely nothing on the free agent market to replace Davis. Then their star guard, Monta Ellis, went down with a serious ankle injury.


It eventually came out that Ellis’s tweaked ankle came from wrecking his scooter, which is sad on multiple levels. It’s costing Ellis the first three months of the season as he rehabs the ankle, and now it’s costing him 30 games of pay: Read more…

The Only Time Monta Will Make It Into A Headline

We don’t spend much time on We adored that goofy old Sportsline logo (love the flourish!), and if you click on the CBS Sports logo on the current site to go to the home page, it redirects to But no more mention of Sportsline anywhere on the site we can find. Sad, very sad.

Sportsline Logo

We’re happy to report though that the site does have one of our bookmarks - the “Dunk-O-Meter” page:


We can’t decide if the dunk stat tells you the player is a supreme athlete (Dwight Howard), or piles up throw-downs because he has no offensive game whatsoever (Shaq). One thing we always look for in the standings is how many guards are creeping into the Top 50.
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