Monster Truck Shows Are Becoming Dangerous

There was a time when the only things in danger at a monster truck rally were the cars who were about to be trampled underneath the tires of trucks like Grave Digger. Those times are changing, and the name Grave Digger has taken on a whole new meaning.

George Eisenhart Jr.

(George Eisenhart Jr. - the latest monster truck show fatality)

A week and a half ago, there was a six-year-old boy and an adult man who were both struck in the head by metal debris that flew off of a truck during a show in Tacoma, Washington. The six-year-old, Sebastian Hizey, would not survive the incident. Now for the second time in ten days somebody has lost their life at a monster truck show, though at least this time it wasn’t a spectator.

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6-year-old Killed By Debris At Monster Truck Show

Tragedy struck on Friday night in Tacoma, Wash., when a six-year-old kid was killed at a monster truck show. One of the giant trucks somehow launched a chunk of metal debris into the stands which hit the boy and an adult fan. In the face of the horrible incident, the producers of the show didn’t even bother to stop, continuing the show even as the boy’s parents and other fans screamed for assistance.

monster trucks

Sebastian Hizey was out on what was supposed to be a family-friendly outing to the truck rally. His mother and father were with him when a 7 to 12 pound chunk of metal flew out from underneath a vehicle called Natural High. The chunk hit Sebastian and another spectator in the head, and it reportedly took more than 10 minutes for medical assistance to reach the victims.

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“The Secret” DVD Made Rampage Jackson Do It

Being strung out on Red Bull usually doesn’t contribute to many incidents of crime. But then, many of us aren’t Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. In yet another follow-up/story change to the historically bizarre insanity that was his monster truck trip through Los Angeles and Orange County, we are now told what else is to be blamed: The Secret.

Jackson’s big night started with energy drinks (or so we’re told, was he not drug tested after arrest?) and ended with a marathon session of watching the New Age DVD “The Secret”.

The chase apparently ended in front of friend Brian Talbert’s home. Rampage had spent the night before watching the DVD of “The Secret” over and over again, and then remembered he had loaned a copy to Talbert, and became obsessed with getting to him to make sure he watched it.

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