ESPN Sets Sights On Early-Morning NCAA B-Ball

We know how enthralled you all are over college football, but college basketball is sneaking up on us (note: fans of the Big East already know this, as they have not attended a football game since 1995). To commemorate the opening of the season, on Tuesday, November 17th, ESPN is televising 24 hours of live basketball. In a row.

00 Clock
(They going to have Gatorade for the players, or coffee?)

That means someone had to volunteer to play a game that tips at 6:00 a.m. and at 8:00 a.m. Hardly sounds palatable, but this is ESPN we’re talking about here. Lo and behold, according to the MIAMI HERALD, they quickly found two games to fit the bill: Monmouth at St. Peters for the 6:00, and Drexel at Niagara at 8:00. Sounds fun, right?

Are you going to watch the 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Tuesday college basketball games?

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Yankees, Blue Jays Trade Punches In Basebrawl

• The Bronx Bombers blow up in a Tuesday night fight with the Blue Jays.

Yankees Blue Jays brawl

• And if Derek Jeter’s gonna brawl, he’s gonna need a mighty moustache.

• Seems that Wisconsin civic leaders have a problem with 12-year-old albino boys playing football with a tinted helmet visor.

• A Walter Payton statue in front of Soldier Field: A tribute to a Chicago Bears legend, or an insult to America’s veterans?

• ESPN will truly offer a college basketball marathon, as Monmouth & St. Peter’s agree to tip off at 6 a.m. Eastern.

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ESPN Airing Live College Hoops At 6 a.m.? What?

ESPN’s College Hoops Tipoff Marathon sounded like a good idea until they remembered one thing: What were they going to show during those pesky early-morning hours, when only garbagemen and hyperactive children were starting their day? What schools would be insane enough to want to play at 6 a.m.?

Monmouth and St. Peter’s, that’s who! ESPN now has itself a real marathon, announcing today that their 24-hour hoopsfest on Nov. 17 will include the aforementioned 6 a.m. ET matchup, followed by Drexel at Niagara at 8 a.m. Wake up and smell the basketball, America!

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