Lakers Win! Let The Looting & Jackassery Begin!

• The Lakers fans’ celebration in downtown L.A. was a riot. No, seriously.

Hotties at Lakers fans postgame riot at Staples Center

(These Lucky Strike lasses are wanted for questioning. They didn’t do anything wrong - we’re just looking for an excuse to talk to them.)

• Among those witnessing Kobe’s non-Shaq title triumph was Chris Brown & Rihanna - along with a fake Rihanna.

• With his 10th NBA title ring, Phil Jackson should finally call it a career - at least according to Charles Barkley.

• Now that the NBA & NHL seasons are finally over, we can turn our attention to the titles that really matter: the World Air Sex Championships.

• In a recent photoshoot, Anna Kournikova shows she’s still A-OK.

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Tennis: Let’s Start Cutting Back On Ladygrunting

We hope you’re happy, Monica Seles. Ever since you burst onto the scene nearly 20 years ago with your shrieks and grunts accompanying every swing, the game has been irrevocably changed. Now, seemingly every female tennis player, from the Williams Sisters to Maria Sharapova, feels the need to audibilize their effort in strange, loud ways.

Monica Seles looking hot
(The Godmother of the Grunt herself.)

But with the new sensation that is 16-year-old Michelle Larcher de Brito and her “small dog being tortured” screams, the tennis world has seemingly had enough.

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Phins’ Taylor To Debut His Dancing Skills Tonight

Jason Taylor is getting ready to get jiggy with it, as the Dolphins’ defensive star makes his debut on “Dancing With The Stars” tonight.

Jason Taylor on Dancing With The Stars

The PALM BEACH POST offers a quick preview of Taylor’s chances on the ABC reality show. Following in the football footsteps of Emmitt Smith (who won) and Jerry Rice (who placed second), Jason is aiming his sights at more manageable goals for the series opener: Read more…

Navratilova: Shut Up! Sharapova: UUGGGNNHHH!

BLEACHER REPORT points to a remark made by Martina Navratilova - who has apparently become something of an old fussbudget in her retirement - in advance of an exhibition in Japan, in which she chastised Maria Sharapova’s vocal outbursts during matches.

Maria Sharapova screaming during serve

“If I were the commissioner of tennis I would outlaw (screeching during matches),” Navratilova told reporters at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan earlier this week. “Maria’s level gets louder the closer the match and quite frankly it’s not necessary, they aren’t lifting 300 pounds, they’re hitting a tennis ball.”

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LeBron Wants To Meet Court-Rushing Fan Again

Last week, Anthony Erskine jumped on the Madison Square Garden court to meet his hero, LeBron James. But instead of being freaked out, King James enjoyed the unexpected encounter. In fact, the Cavaliers star supposedly wants to meet with the fan again.

Anthony Erskine LeBron James

The AKRON (OH) BEACON JOURNAL reports that Erskine has been talking with LeBron’s people, and the 17-year-old may end up as James’ special guest when the Cavs visit the Nets on Wednesday. Read more…