McCourt Kids Paid $600,000 Per Year For No Work

Recently Jon Weinbach of AOL FANHOUSE took a well-deserved whack at the pinata that is the McCourt’s ownership of the Dodgers.

Tommy Lasorda asleep

(Speaking of money for nothing …) 

Weinbach, bless his heart, further unraveled the McCourt’s dubious financial dealings with the Dodgers by exposing money-for-nothing schemes involving the McCourt’s two sons and various shell companies designed to funnel money to a “slush fund” set up for Frank’s personal use.

Over the past 18 months, the Los Angeles Dodgers paid nearly $4 million in “consulting services” to an entity that has done virtually nothing for the club, even as the team has made a concerted effort to raise ticket prices, trim payroll and acquire players on the cheap.

Moreover, the club paid two of Frank and Jamie McCourt’s adult sons large salaries — $400,000 and $200,000 per year, respectively — for services that are undefined and could not be described by either Frank or Jamie McCourt, according to court documents filed in the couple’s divorce case.

The official club duties of Drew and Travis McCourt couldn’t be described by their parents because, from what I’ve been told by anonymous Dodger staffers, they have no formal duties with the franchise. As noted by Weinbach, “neither of the McCourts’ sons is listed on the team’s staff directory.”

I have a sneaking feeling that Drew attending business school at Stanford and Travis working at Goldman Sachs in New York might have something to do with that.

Weinbach also notes Frank’s creative way of getting around his supposedly-capped $5 million per year club salary. Read more…

Kornheiser’s D.C. Media Career Officially Pantsed?

Dan Steinberg at DC SPORTS BOG has the latest on Tony Kornheiser’s seemingly cratered D.C. media career, transcribing comments from Commander Combover during a D.C. radio appearance this week.

Too Ugly To Prostitute

(Took this on Venice Beach this week … vaguely applicable? OK, maybe not.)

Apparently Kornheiser, who was recently let go by the WaPo and nudged out of the Monday Night Football broadcast booth by Mike Tirico ESPN management, is finding it tough to supplement his PTI appearances with a free-money local-yokel radio show:

“A lot of business people want me to do syndicated national radio,” he said. “I don’t care about syndicated national radio. If they want to syndicate a local show that I do, I’m happy to do it, but I want to local radio.”

(Steinberg): How many business people are interested?

“Not enough yet,” he said. “But maybe in an hour. Maybe in an hour.”

So wait, Kornheiser has plenty of people beating down his door to do a national radio show, but no one in his hometown is interested in hiring him?

Tony Kornheiser bolts PTI, still watch his replacement with Wilbon?

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Does that smell funny to you?

Actually, uh, no.

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Tiger Gets $65K for Not Playing in PGA Tour Stop?

Pardon the personal question, but what’s your job? Actually, the answer doesn’t matter, because your job sucks, and sucks hard. At least, next to “professional golfer,” it sucks. Where else could somebody collect $65,000 for not being able to do a weekend’s worth of work? That’s what’s happening with Lord Of The Universe Tiger Woods, who will be missing this week’s Mercedes-Benz Championship at Kapalua but still making bank from it anyway.

Tiger's jacked
(Like the money, Tiger didn’t need these biceps, but if having them makes you feel worse about yourself, then so be it.)

So why does Tiger have $65K more upon which to sleep and enjoy the company of his incredibly hot wife? Well, it’s actually the rule, since the MBC is a winners-only event. Confused? Yes. Let GOLFWEEK explain: Read more…

Ex-Con Russian Pays Well For WNBA “Girlfriends”

The LOS ANGELES TIMES sends Megan K. Stack to a place called Vidnoye, Russia, to write about the owner of a women’s professional basketball team. Sounds bizarre, eh? Well, when you read the piece, you’ll know why.

Shabtai von Kalmanovic Tina Thompson

(What a lovely couple!)

The owner is an ex-con, greaseball named Shabtai von Kalmanovic. Kalmanovic, who claims to have made his money erecting buildings in apartheid South Africa, was once jailed in Israel for being a Soviet spy. He uses his countless, questionable millions to lure the top WNBA stars, like Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi, to play for his Moscow-based team, “where they live in luxury and play before halfhearted audiences.

The way the story reads, it’s almost as if the WNBA players are von Kalmanovic’s private, little harem. And the way he talks to them does nothing to dispute that notion.

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