Most NFL Teams To Rename Selves As ‘Elephants’

Typically, there are two types of people who trend toward voting Republican: rich people and Dixielanders. We’re sure you know people who don’t follow these trends - we do too - but it’s a trend that the numbers bear out year after year. It makes sense, really; Republicans have an agenda that favors lower taxes for the rich, and people in the South are dumb enough to listen to Glenn Beck. It’s all terribly rational.

GOP Elephants Helmet
(Their mascot? Rudy Giuliani, of course.)

So when it comes to a sport like the NFL with its enormous payrolls, you’d think the trend would be that they vote Republican overwhelmingly, right? It would make no sense that… oh wait, we’re being told… oh, that’s true? Damn, I took out my “Option A would make so much more sense than Option B, even though Option B” opening for nothing. Of all the rotten luck.

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Consultant: Players Unions Need “Dose of Reality”

Is athlete endorsement money drying up? Ever since Tiger Woods split with GM last week, there is concern among super-wealthy athletes that they might have to start settling for earning just the millions they get for playing their sport. The horror.


But the economic troubles are not just hitting the endorsement market. With the NBA and NFL collective bargaining agreements up for renewal in the next couple of years, one sports consultant is saying that players associations are going to need a “dose of reality” or face not having a league to play in anymore.

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T-Mac’s Baby Mama Wants Her Kid Spoiled Too

Most of us can pretty much guess that if you’re the kid of a star athlete, you’ve got it pretty darn good. Now, we get a bit of a look at just how good it can get, thanks to Tracy McGrady’s baby mama, Pearl Vega, and her aim to get the same lifestyle for their daughter that McGrady’s other kids enjoy.

Tracy McGrady

The SARASOTA HERALD-TRIBUNE informs us that the Houston Rockets star will be paying just over $54K a year to Vega. Not surprisingly, Vega wanted much more per year (in the $200,000+ range) than the amount the judge awarded.

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Donaghy’s Friend Snitches, Yet to Receive Stitches

Remember Tim Donaghy? Of course you do, he’s the creep who admitted to fixing and betting on NBA games. C’mon, you know who he is. This chump:

donaghy open mouth

(Donaghy prepares for prison)

With all the Sonics moving, playoff starting, and award awarding going on, this newest news might have slipped through the cracks. One of Donaghy’s friends, Thomas Martino, has “admitted to paying Donaghy in exchange for betting tips on N.B.A. games, including those that Donaghy officiated.” Not good, Tim. Read more…

Brian Urlacher Wants Money, Love, and New Neck

What is it with Chicago Bears linebackers?  I thought they were supposed to be tough guys.  But based on Brian Urlacher’s latest antics, that’s quite the fallacy.

urlacher dinosaur

First, Urlacher used a sore back and neck as an excuse for his subpar performance last year.  Then, he complained that he wasn’t getting paid enough.  Then, he demanded more money.  Then, he said he’d retire.

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Final Four Tix Commanding Small Fortune

If, say, hours before tip-off of the Final Four, you felt compelled to try to get a seat at the Alamodome tonight, prepare to pony up some dough, as the SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS discovers tickets are going for as much as $6,000 apiece.


“As of Thursday morning, the average Final Four transaction on StubHub was $770, which could include between one and three games. That’s nearly $200 more than last year’s Final Four average. “

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Ex-NFL Players Still Cashing In On Endorsements

The PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW reports how some ex-NFL stars are still cashing in on their popularity through endorsement payments to the players’ union.

Emmitt Smith Dancing With The Stars

Over $117 million has been paid by companies to the NFL Players Association to use their stars to hawk their products. For example, Peyton & Eli Manning received a combined $4 million for their selling success in 2005-06.

Yet, you don’t have to be an active player to get such money from the NFLPA. Former Cowboys RB and “Dancing With The Stars” champ Emmitt Smith tapped in $757,000, while John Elway snapped up $616,000 and Joe Montana struck gold with $556,000 in endorsement payments.

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