NBA’s Most Notorious Madame Unwittingly Outed?

Thursday Hannah Karp of the WALL STREET JOURNAL did a piece on how great the party scene in Toronto was for visiting NBA players. Mentioned prominently in the story was a woman named Mona Halem.

Mona Halem Antawn Jamison

At the center of much of the city’s athlete nightlife is an event planner and promoter named Mona Halem, a former employee of the Air Canada Centre, which is home to the Raptors. Ms. Halem has become “notorious” throughout the sports world, says Raptors forward Antoine Wright, for assembling attractive party guests to fete nearly every franchise that comes to town.

The popularity of these parties—some athletes say they’ve cancelled appearances and forfeited thousands of dollars in fees to attend them—has made Ms. Halem a known entity throughout sports.

The Journal doesn’t specify what Halem’s business model actually is, except that, “some athletes say they’ve cancelled appearances and forfeited thousands of dollars” to”attend” her “events.”

Mona Halem Vince Carter

Here is an extensive gallery of photos from some of Halem’s past “events.” After you look through the photos let me know if you think NBA players have “forfeited thousands of dollars” to merely “attend” her “events.

Today I talked to an NBA staffer and a league announcer about Halem. Each travels with an NBA team.

Mona Halem With Jay-Z

The staffer told me that league players have long been hooking up with “Halem’s girls,” with her “services” to the ballers often going beyond bottles.

I also learned today that Halem’s ladies occasionally service the stray, garden-variety rapper, boxer and member of the Buffalo Bills. (I’m serious.) Hockey and baseball players though aren’t getting any action, as Halem apparently prefers dealing with the basketball and football types.

Mona Halem Jermaine O'Neal

That’s not to say that Halem makes her bones as madame, but if the follow-up pieces about her in the TORONTO GLOBE & MAIL and TORONTO STAR are any indication, I’m not the only one hearing that she’s providing visiting ballers with more than just party favors.

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