Molly Sullivan For Playboy’s Sexiest Sportscaster

Amidst all of the significant polls we’ve had in recent months — BCS Standings, early college hoops polls (does anyone want to be No. 1?), and that whole presidential election thing — we would argue that none deserves more scrutiny than PLAYBOY’s current contest to choose a “Sexiest Sportscaster”. While Erin Andrews is almost sure to win a second-straight title, we think that, just as “change” is being heralded as a force in Washington, perhaps it should be considered in sportscasting, too. We want you to think about voting for Molly Sullivan, and we’re serious.

Molly Sullivan
(Sexiest sportscaster? Yes, please!)

We know what you’re saying: Who? That’s what we were thinking, too, until we tripped across her photos on her Myspace page and this compelling piece by SI’s Arash Markazi. It turns out that Sullivan is a sideline reporter for the MOUNTAIN WEST SPORTS NETWORK (It’s ok, we didn’t realize that existed, either), and she’s not half bad at it. Perhaps more importantly, she’s not demure about flaunting her assets. Sullivan is solid at what she does, but she understands that her body is a significant advantage.

That’s exactly why all the photos you see after the jump are such a compelling reason to consider voting for Sullivan: There’s a really good chance that we have a lot more of them coming in the future.

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