ABC’s “Modern Family” Includes (Fake) Gay Illini

ABC’s Modern Family is supposed to be funny (we haven’t seen it, because we’re bad at keeping up with any non-sports television - it’s a personality flaw), which is a welcome respite from the lineup of forgettable, canned-laughter-fest sitcoms that usually get trotted out every year by the networks. Brothers, we’re looking straight at you here.

Cameron and Mitchell Modern Family Gay Illini

One of the aspects of the family is that there’s a gay couple involved, since it’s the 21st century and it’s okay to say the “G” word on TV. The “G” word is “gay,” by the way. Not “grundle.” You still can’t say “grundle” on television. We digress. And as it turns out, this week’s episode let it slip that one of the gay characters, Cameron, was a member of the Illinois football team. Illini fans, we’re sure, are thrilled.

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