Gina Carano Sex Tape Revealed: Wanna Watch?

Yahoo MMA Blogger Steve Cofield reports today that a MMA Fighter named Kit Cope is claiming he made a sex tape with Gina Carano and that it’s in a “very safe place.”

Gina Carano Sex Tape

(Anon Dude: Got Tetanus?)

Carano broke up with Cope two years ago, so like you, I’m flabbergasted he didn’t destroy the private porno the minute she walked out the door. Right, uh-huh.

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Gina Carano Tonya Evinger on bed

(Prequel already in the can?)

With Carano now a major MMA celebrity, the long-discarded Cope is now attempting to exact revenge on her by touting the tape to anyone who will listen.


“There is media that’s in a very safe place. She’s so worried about that too,” Cope then mentioned that Carano really wasn’t all that special intimately. “I just need to add, I’ve smashed a lot finer than that.”

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