Wrigley Fans Do Not Enjoy Charlie Weis’ Singing

• The Friendly Confines aren’t so friendly toward Charlie Weis’ singing.

Charlie Weis Cubs Horry Kow

Because Cubs fans certainly know what’s tasteful & what isn’t.

• Smog, human rights abuses, slow internet connection with too many banned sites - the Beijing Olympics will have it all!

Tony Stewart once again demonstrates his cool trackside manner.

• Two MMA fighters get attacked & Tasered in a robbery attempt by a bunch of Canadians? What’s that all aboot?

• An assistant football coach quits after his players egg his car & home.

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10 Men Attack, Taser Two MMA Fighters in Canada

Two unidentified mixed martial arts fighters and a promoter were attacked by a group of ten men wielding a taser gun early Sunday morning in a robbery attempt at their hotel in Gatineau, Quebec.

Freedom Fight MMA Event

Gatineau police would not identify the fighters by name but did say that they were involved in Freedom Fight mixed martial arts event at the Robert Guertin Arena in Gatineau. A third man who was also attacked was identified as one of the event’s promoters.

THE OTTAWA SUN reports, “Yesterday, one fighter was in a medically induced coma at hospital while the other was recuperating from serious injuries. The promoter was only slightly injured.”

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