Jay Glazer’s Road Rash Will Put You Off Your Meal

Jay Glazer road rash

Jay Glazer is getting plenty of mileage out of his recent motorcycle accident, making the status of his forearm road rash know to all via his Twitter page on FOX SPORTS. This can only enhance his status in the MMA community, I’d guess. Read more…

Tito Ortiz, Matt Serra Get Flirty with Philly TV Host

Critics of mixed martial arts like to dismiss the sport as a kind of savage alternative to professional wrestling. They listen to blustering loudmouths like UFC’s Dana White and hear a young Vince McMahon, or they see UFC champion and former WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar and see…well, Brock Lesnar. The confusing (to outsiders) revolving doors of MMA sanctioning bodies doesn’t help, though that’s actually par for the course in a young and growing sport.

Jenna Jameson Tito Ortiz

One way to combat those misconceptions is through reaching out to the public and showing that MMA fighters aren’t just ‘roided-up pro wrestlers and that their sport is legitimate. It’s an ongoing process, and one that got a boost when Tito Ortiz recently announced his return to UFC after a lengthy feud with White. Ortiz appeared with fellow UFC fighter Matt Serra on a Philadelphia TV morning show to banter with the host. In a display of journalistic excellence, the host was more concerned with the fighters getting naked than anything else.

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Moron Starbucks Bomber Inspired By ‘Fight Club’

OK, the second rule of Fight Club is, don’t be a homicidal pinhead and try to imitate one of the characters from Fight Club. Kyle Shaw, the misguided teenager charged with bombing a Manhattan Starbucks on Memorial Day, said that he was inspired by the character that Brad Pitt played in the 1999 film.

No one was hurt in the May 25 attack, when a homemade explosive device police say was planted by Shaw ripped a hole in a wooden bench outside the Starbucks. And thus we learn a valuable lesson: When you attempt to imitate a movie in which Meat Loaf is a main character, expect mixed results. Well, maybe when Shaw gets out of jail the UFC can use him as training fodder. Read more…

Penn’s Mom Attacks Georges St. Pierre In Court

A good six weeks ago, MMA fighter Georges St. Pierre knocked off B.J. Penn in Las Vegas in one of the biggest fights in the history of the hybrid sport. Almost immediately after the fight ended, Penn began accusing St. Pierre of cheating by having vaseline rubbed on his body after the first round, an incident being called “Greasegate” in MMA circles. Those claims were put up before the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and one of the most ardent attacks of St. Pierre was none other than Penn’s very own mother.

According to FANHOUSE, via MMA JUNKIE, Penn’s mother, Lorraine Shin, wrote in to the commission to say that MMA would lose any sense of integrity if it allowed St. Pierre’s title to stand unpunished. In fact, she went so far as to say that it’s her drive for integrity, not love of her son, that had her writing in.

That’s possible. Of course, it’s also possible that no mother would want their child trying to beat the life out of another person in a sport where only blatant eye gouging is illegal.

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‘Jesus Didn’t Tap’ Targets God’s Own MMAers

Mixed Martial Arts is quickly becoming one of the world’s fastest sports, and different disciplines are taking the forefront across America, catering to customers as individual markets evolve. Well, niche businesses like clothing companies aren’t far behind, and Philadelphia-based MMA outfitter Jesus Didn’t Tap is targeting a very specific group: Bible thumpers … or bible beaters … or holy warriors. Oh, whatever. Pick your own religious pun.

jesus didn't tap shirt

Jesus Didn’t Tap markets a full crop of some 20-odd t-shirts (they do both performance and loose wear) for men and a few odd items like shorts, hats and sweatshirts. All of them are adorned with brash biblical messages, ranging from the mundane — “Blood, Sweat and Prayers” — to the overt — “How Do You Train,” with a picture of Jesus hauling his own cross.

Regardless of the religious fervor incorporated in the message all of the shirts transmit a cruel undercurrent of sincere irony: How can a company revolving around the popularity of the world’s most gruesome fighting sport base in message in the symbolism and idolatry of history’s greatest pacifist?

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Chuck Liddell Aspires To Be Classic Sports Villain

MMA posterboy and former UCF light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell has cast himself in the role of “dismissive established star” in the real life movie of the ascent of Kimbo Slice. Apparently Liddell isn’t keen on sharing the limelight with the popular upstart, bemoaning in an interview with THE SUN that Slice “hasn’t done anything” and said whomping a”bunch of guys on the street” is the sole reason for his popularity.

chuck liddell

“People talk about him like he’s the next great thing when he really hasn’t done anything. He’s been built up because of the Internet and him beating a bunch of guys on the street.” Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: But Did They Interview The Horse?

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Barbaro Screen Saver

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