Yankees 15, Red Sox 9; The Galaxy Actually Cares

The game was drawn out longer than Kevin Costner’s “The Postman,” but the budget was higher and featured a better script, even though it didn’t have one. New York’s 15-9 win over their Bostonian counterparts in the first of a quick little two-game series was, as begrudging as it is to admit as a non-New Englander, entertaining.

Yankees-Red Sox first pitch from space

(The first pitch was thrown from space by Dr. Garrett Reisman. Because of this, the game was delayed three light years to wait for the baseball’s re-entry and parachute landing somewhere over the Mariana Trench.)

Fourteen runs were scored in 1½ innings between the two teams, effectively hurting the feelings and ERA of both starters, Clay Buchholz and Chien-Ming Wang. But the Yankee bullpen only allowed one run after Wang’s departure, while the Red Sox pen was far more generous. Every Yankee scored at least one run, and only Hideki Matsui failed to drive in a run.

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