Why Peter Gammons Left ESPN For MLB Network

Peter Gammons announced he was leaving ESPN today, and Ronald Blum of the ASSOCIATED PRESS reported shortly thereafter that Gammons had already struck a deal to join MLB Network. Additionally, two sources told me today that Gammons will soon be joining NESN.

Peter Gammons

(What, you didn’t expect me to run this did you?)

Sources familiar with the Gammons negotiations with ESPN and MLB Network told me that MLB Net offered the longtime baseball writer more money than ESPN, and just as important, the ability to reduce travel. The 64-year-old had grown weary of commuting even to nearby Bristol, so he jumped at the opportunity to make more money while working closer to home in Boston and Cape Cod.

Still, for a guy so associated with one television network, it seems a little strange for him to be leaving ESPN. I was also told by the same sources that ESPN execs weren’t so upset at Gammons leaving the network for NESN, but were disturbed when word came down he was joining MLB Network.

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New MLB Net Reporter Not A Fan Of Erin Andrews

FSN Wisconsin reporter Trenni Kusnierek made some headlines earlier this summer when she called out Erin Andrews for what she thought was inappropriate clothing when Andrews was covering a Brewers-Cubs game in Milwaukee. Most dismissed it as jealousy, as Andrews is a national obsession (of college dudes anyway) while Kusnierek was toiling away in Milwaukee covering the Brewers. To this point, she been most notable in these parts for surviving an earthquake.

Trenni Kusnierek Erin Andrews

But Trenni is perhaps on her way into the national spotlight as well, as she’s been hired as a reporter by the fledgling MLB Network. By the sounds of it, though, it seems Trenni isn’t going to be hiking up her skirt anytime soon, based on her verbal beatdown of Andrews over the summer:

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Matt Vasgersian Is The Face Of The MLB Network

During Rick Sutcliffe’s epic drunken on-air rant back in 2006 in San Diego, he kept asking Padres announcer Matt Vasgersian why he was still in San Diego, and that he should be doing bigger and better things. Well, you finally got your wish, Sut. Vasgersian has been hired as the lead anchor of the new MLB NETWORK, which is launching in January.

Matt Vasgersian

Vasgersian is one of “those guys” in the sports announcing world. It seems like he’s everywhere. He calls football games for Fox, worked for NBC at the Olympics this year, and also hosts poker shows. His rapport with Mark “Mud” Grant on Padres broadcasts have helped make the Padres actually watchable over the past few seasons.

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Welcome To Hell: Getting To Call Bud Selig ‘Boss’

Major League Baseball has hired an executive search firm to hunt down the head of its new fledgling venture, MLB Network. The new channel will eventually join all fans together to swear at MLB just like the Big Ten, the NFL, and every other league that starts its own network and then leverages fan affection to force the cable providers into a disgraceful fight over carriage rates.

MLB television

The new network’s CEO should be “somebody very seasoned and accomplished,” according to Oakland A’s owner and search team member Lew Wolff. The search firm and MLB approval team also wants someone with a big name and respect in the industry.

We know someone that fits the bill and might be looking for a new job…
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