NBC Ices Stanley Cup Viewings @ Det, Pitt Arenas

• NBC puts a stop to Stanley Cup Finals viewings at the Joe Louis & Mellon Arenas - because it’s shaving nearly a point off of their local Nielsen ratings.

Red Wings Penguins

• Deadline? The Vikings never said anything about a Brett Favre deadline.

• Nice to see Ozzie Guillen back in ranting ‘n’ raving form.

• Don’t worry, Barry Bonds, at least your wife still supports you through these troubles times. Um, OK, maybe not.

• Oh boy! The MLB Draft is on TV tonight! It’s not like there’s anything else on worth watching.

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MLB Draft: Strasburgmania Grips A Weary Nation

Live from the MLB Network Studios in New York, it’s the Major League Baseball Draft! Starring Stephen Strasburg, Bud Selig and … um, that’s about it. Thanks for watching; see you next year. Yep, the baseball draft starts in a couple of hours, and for the first time ever it’s going to be shown live on television (if you get the MLB Network, that is). I wonder if Mets fans will show up and boo all of their team’s picks, just like their Jets’ brethren?

Dustin Ackley, Stephen Strasburg, Donavan Tate

If there’s one thing we need besides another cable political show it’s the MLB Draft on live TV. Sure, watching Selig hand out hats to teenagers will be fun, but will there be musical guests? Will Sacha Baron Cohen fall from the rafters and land on Donald Fehr’s head? Perhaps Nationals fans will get a kick out of seeing Strasburg — the San Diego State phenom with the 102-mph fastball – being chosen at No. 1. Unless Washington blows it, which is entirely possible. If the Nationals fail to pick Strasburg, I fully expect President Obama to intercede. Read more…

MLB Draft in Prime Time, Expanded to Three Days

The NFL Draft has become a big television event in recent years, thanks in part to incessant hype from both the NFL and ESPN. This year’s draft featured it all - celebrity “entertainers”, celebrity college athletes, and the inimitable Mel Kiper, Jr. Even casual fans tune in to catch the pageantry of it all and to see the NFL’s stars of tomorrow; heck, it’s such a big event that they’re turning it into a three-day primetime extravaganza, as SPORTSbyBROOKS reported just this morning.

Bud Selig MLB Draft

The Major League Baseball draft, on the other hand, is none of these things.  Instead of celebrity entertainers and athletes, it features obscure high school kids, obscure college kids, and the loathsome Scott Boras. In fact, some of the most notable stories from the MLB draft are not tales of superstar athletes busting on the scene, but of wasted potential and busts. None of this, however, matters to the ridiculously-arrogant MLB, which has decided to copy the NFL and turn its sports footnote of a draft into a three-day primetime event. In the words of NFL Draft aficionado Bill Cosby…riiiight.

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Prospect Turns Down $5M, Now Works At Costco

Now that Matthew Stafford has received the most guaranteed money of any NFL player in history — slightly more than Albert Haynesworth’s $40 million, sacks of cash more than anyone else, ever — it might be worth looking at one time the whole signing bonus culture didn’t work out for the prospect.

Matt Harrington

Matt Harrington was a can’t miss first round pick for the Rockies in 2000. But the nearly $5 million they offered him wasn’t enough. So he went back into the draft. Four more times. Each year for five years, Harrington was taken later and later, and offered less and less. And now?

He’s working in the auto department at Costco.

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Scott Boras Is Ready To Hold MLB Hostage Again

You can be sure that Manny Ramirez wasn’t the only person in his camp disappointed when he was “only” able to get a two-year $45 million deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  You can bet that his agent Scott Boras was hurting, too. That’s because Boras was the one who orchestrated Manny opting out of his old deal with the Red Sox in the first place because that contract was done by Ramirez’s previous agent, so Boras never got a taste of the money. So he was trying to cash in on Manny while he still could.

Well apparently Boras has decided that he needs another way to get that money into his wallet, and it seems he’s chosen San Diego State’s Stephen Strasburg to do it for him.  Strasburg has been making a mockery of the game while at SDSU during this time there, striking out 19.4 batters per nine innings, and is the consensus number one pick in MLB’s amateur draft this summer. That pick is held by the Washington Nationals, and if Boras gets his way, the Nats are going to need a mortgage on their new stadium to sign Strasburg.

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Blogadoches: Remembering Legendary Jim McKay

  • AWFUL ANNOUNCING doesn’t remember much of the man (and neither do I, I just wasn’t old enough), but a lot of other people do, and had plenty to say.

Jim McKay

(He’s all gone.)

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