Okay - Lucy Pinder Is NOT Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend

In yesterday’s article on Wayne Ellington and his delicious piece of arm candy - also known as Amanda Altschuler - we added a little comparison to Tim Tebow and his not-really girlfriend.

Tim Tebow Lucy Pinder

As some of our readers pointed out in the provided photo, the gal in the bikini in the lower right is not the same woman seen smiling next to the Gators QB. (That would be Erin Drewes, who did in fact pose in a nude body paint pictoral covered in Tebow’s uniform colors.) The bikini babe is actually busty British model Lucy Pinder. And as far as we know, Timmy has not been living it up with Lucy, either.

We regret the error. And as a token to our faithful audience, please accept this pleasant pictorial of Ms. Pinder as our apology (click on pics for larger versions):

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Randy Moss In Trouble, But Is It The Same Guy?

PRO FOOTBALL TALK came across a report from WDBO radio in Florida that Randy Moss was given a restraining order against a woman who says he assaulted her.

Randy Moss point

The order, issued by Broward County, means that Moss cannot come within 500 yards of the woman, nor can he use or possess firearms.

Looks like the Pats’ receiver is in trouble again. Or is he?

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Two Rich Brookses At Kentucky Causes Confusion

Rich Brooks of the University of Kentucky is amused by the e-mails he gets from angry Wildcats fans. No, not that Rich Brooks, the other one:

Rich Brooks Kentucky Student

The LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL sees double, as an exercise science major on the Lexington campus shares the same name as the football coach. Both Brookses are unrelated.

Having a similar moniker of the head gridiron guy has is moments for the other Brooks. His name gets giggles in the classroom when roll is called. His buddies toss his name out when trying to chat it up with Kentucky co-eds. He even once fooled a Lexington waitress into thinking he was the Wildcat coach.

Rich Brooks kentucky coach

Best of all were the e-mails the other Brooks has received - from recruits looking to come to Kentucky, messages from the rest of the football coaching staff, and especially from fans not afraid to make their feelings known. Brooks wouldn’t elaborate on the Wildcat faithful’s fuming, other than to say that it was “really descriptive”.

But UK fans should breathe a little easier when their ‘Cats face Florida State in the Music City Bowl on New Year’s Eve. With 36 Seminoles not coming to Nashville, either Rich Brooks should have success on the sidelines.

Chicago Blackhawks Player Mistaken For Robbery Suspect

CONFUSED COPS HOLD HOCKEY PLAYER AS RECENT ROBBER A Chicago Blackhawks player out for a jog was stopped by the cops, after being mistaken for a robbery suspect:

Tuomo Ruutu robber

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports that Tuomo Ruutu was held by police Tuesday in suburban Bensenville. Ruutu’s black running outfit and hat were similar in description to a man who just robbed an apartment complex.After a few minutes, police released Ruutu, with officials calling it an “unfortunate coincidence”. The real robbery suspect is still at large.

But Ruttu brushed off the mix-up: “I was just in the wrong spot at the wrong time. It happens to me all the time.”

Happens all the time, eh? Maybe Bensenville police should do a background check on the on-ice checker.

Chicago Police car

Since home games haven’t been on local TV for decades, it’s understandable that Chicago cops wouldn’t recognize a Blackhawk if they saw one.

Ron Artest Loses Tooth In Collision At Sacramento Kings Practice


Ron Artest missing tooth

KXTV in Sacramento grins and bears it, as the Kings forward lost an incisor during a collision at Thursday’s practice.Players couldn’t remember if it was Darryl Watkins or John Salmons that Artest banged into, but they couldn’t forget seeing the big gap in Ron’s mouth where his front tooth used to be.

Dentist drawing

(George W. Bush checks for cavities of mass destruction)

However, Artest could have saved his fang if he saw his dentist, like he was supposed to. Kings coach Reggie Theus said the tooth was already loose, but Artest didn’t show up to his Wednesday appointment to have it fixed.Even with the missing molar, Artest apparently got up quick and went back to practice. Theus commented, “You know how tough Ron is.”

Yep, so tough that he’s currently serving a seven-game suspension for a domestic abuse charge earlier this year.

Yahoo Kings error Bobby Clarke missing teeth

But, Artest playing with missing teeth? Maybe YAHOO SPORTS had it right all along - he *is* a hockey player.

Sacramento Kings Rumored to be Part of Kobe Bulls Trade

SAC KINGS ABDICATED FROM POSSIBLE KOBE-BULLS DEAL?: The ongoing saga of Kobe coming to Chicago has been given a little Sacramento flavor:

Kobe Bryant Kirk Hinrich Ron Artest

SACTOWN ROYALTY decrees that the latest trade rumors involve the Kings in a three-way deal with the Lakers and Bulls.As compiled from various sources, the deal would have Bryant being Bulls-bound, with current Chicagoan Kirk Hinrich and current King Ron Artest joining the Lake Show, while Ben Gordon and Ben Wallace would venture to Arco Arena - in addition to a cast of thousands on the possible move.

Right now, all of this is speculation, as Kobe continues to unhappily twist in the Santa Ana wind. After the rude reception the Lakers star received Tuesday night, he probably can’t get out of town and out under Jerry Buss’ thumb soon enough.

Yahoo Sports Los Angeles Kings NBA

And if Sacramento won’t cooperate, they can always try asking the Los Angeles Kings.