Could SEC Jumping Gun Bog Down Mizzou Move?

As first noted by Clay Travis of, the Southeastern Conference accidently posted a live, viewable article available to users of its official website that announced the news that the University of Missouri had officially joined the SEC. The SEC’s official site also accidentally posted multiple other live, viewable Missouri-related articles that were produced in response to the move. Articles which have all since been removed.

SEC reports Missouri has joined conference prematurely on its own website

(SEC Accidently Posted This Announcement To Its Website)

The article announcing Missouri’s inclusion into the SEC was dated October 22, 2011, and featured this lede - before it was deleted:

Given the ever-changing conference paradigm over the past year, the Southeastern Conference has continued to demonstrate its commitment to maintaining its stature as one of the nation’s premier conferences by welcoming the University of Missouri as the league’s 14th member, Commissioner Mike Slive announced Monday.

Missouri joins Texas A&M University as the league’s two new institutions who will begin full membership on July 1, 2012. It is the first expansion of the SEC membership since Arkansas and South Carolina joined the conference in 1992.

At the time of this writing, the top search result for “Missouri-Joins-The-SEC” on the conference’s official site still listed a link to the now-deleted page that announced Mizzou’s inclusion into the league:

SEC reports Missouri has joined conference prematurely on its own website

The search result also shows the original article as “Updated 10/22/2011.

Oct. 22, 2011, of course was last Saturday, with the “Monday” referenced in the lede of the SEC piece coming on Oct. 24, 2011. (You can read the complete text of that article, and the other Mizzou-related pieces at

In the aftermath of its monumental goof, the SEC has yet to comment on the mistake.

Below is a screen shot of the complete, aforementioned Missouri announcement prematurely posted by the SEC’s digital content staff:

SEC reports Missouri has joined conference prematurely on its own website

The content of all the articles has since been removed from the SEC’s website though many of the same web page addresses containing the Mizzou news - along with the original headlines - remain available via the conference website’s search function.

SEC reports Missouri has joined conference prematurely on its own website

The preparation that went into the SEC’s presentation of the Missouri articles for its official website, stories that followed an official announcement post dated Oct. 22, 2011, indicates a high level of confidence from the conference that a deal between the league and the school would soon be done.

But as of Oct. 28, 2011, no such deal is yet in place, perhaps making the other members of the Big 12 wonder if Missouri dealt with them in good faith throughout what is still an attempted move to the Southeastern Conference.

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AD: Painter ‘Interested’ In Mizzou ‘Nearly Year Ago’

Last night I reported that part of the motivation for Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden in his futile pursuit of Purdue coach Matt Painter was former Missouri senior associate AD and current SIU Athletic Director Mario Moccia’s optimistic view - expressed to Alden - of Mizzou’s chances of landing Painter as its next basketball coach.

Matt Painter 'expressed interest' in Mizzou 'nearly a year ago'

(SbB Report Confirmed; AD Claims Painter Coveted Mizzou ‘nearly year ago’)

Following my report, Moccia confirmed his involvement in the process to KANSAS CITY STAR reporter Mike DeArmond while also providing insight into what he may have communicated to Alden about former SIU coach Painter.

DeArmond: Read more…

Who Duped Mizzou Into Futile Matt Painter Pursuit

In the aftermath of the Frank Haith hire, many Missouri basketball fans have pointed to Athletic Director Mike Alden’s inability to close the deal with Purdue’s Matt Painter as the moment the Mizzou coaching search officially went off the rails.

Mike Alden

(Did former Mizzou staffer Paint Alden into a corner?)

But from what I’ve been told by multiple Missouri athletic department and administration sources, Alden doesn’t deserve all the blame for what was a clear miscalculation of Painter’s intentions.

There’s a reason Alden was confident enough about snaring Painter’s services that he flew to Florida - amid an ungodly media crush - to try to bag the Boilers coach. Read more…

Video: With Haith, Mizzou AD Alden Got His Man

Lots of folks are apparently shocked that Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden wants to hire Miami’s Frank Haith as Mizzou’s next hoops coach.

Apparently they all missed Alden’s press conference two weeks ago.

Frank Haith Agrees To Take Over Mizzou Hoops

Multiple sources confirmed to me Sunday evening that University of Miami basketball coach Frank Haith is in negotiations with the University of Missouri to become its next basketball coach.

Frank Haith

According to Mizzou athletic and administration sources, Haith met today with school Athletic Director Mike Alden in Houston. Following the meeting, negotiations commenced between the two parties for the Missouri basketball coaching job.

COLUMBIA (MO) DAILY TRIBUNE Sports Editor Joe Walljasper subsequently confirmed the news on Twitter: Read more…

Wolfpack $mart Pursuit May Rule Out Mizzou

Earlier today I reported that Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden had reached out to VCU Athletic Director Norwood Teague to request permission to speak to Shaka Smart about Mizzou’s basketball coach opening.

Shaka Smart

(Smart: Show-Me That Wolfpack Jack)

Sunday afternoon a source close to the VCU basketball program confirmed to me that Alden left a voicemail with Teague today.

Teague nor Smart has responded to Alden.

I have since confirmed through the same VCU source and a major college athletic director that North Carolina State is in hot pursuit of Smart, with the Wolfpack prepared to offer a more generous financial package that what Missouri was likely to propose to the VCU coach. Read more…

Mizzou Targeting 3 Candidates Including Shaka

Earlier today Matt Painter decided to no longer pursue the basketball coaching job at Missouri and stay at Purdue.

Shaka Smart

(Snappy Mizzou Ensemble? Check)

After Painter pulled himself out of consideration for the Mizzou job, which he was never offered, a Univ. of Missouri athletic department staffer told me Painter strung out the school until today - asking for a midday extension. With that extra time, Painter apparently went back to Purdue to get raises for assistants.

When he finally broke the news to Mizzou that he was withdrawing from the process, Painter told school officials that two family members not wishing to move was a factor in his decision to stay at Purdue.

So where does Missouri go from here? Read more…

Video: Mike Anderson’s Journey To Awkwarnsas

Today I put a video together today chronicling Mike Anderson’s recent decision to leave Mizzou for Arkansas.

Mike Anderson's journey to Awkwarnsas

(”That’s where the trust comes in”)

To further luxuriate in the wonderfully uncomfortable exchange between KOMU-TV reporter Dani Wexelman and Anderson on Saturday in front of 5,000 Hogs fans frothing at the snout, go here.
Read more…

Big 12 AD: Mizzou To Hire Hoops Coach @ Final 4

Since I broke the news that Mike Anderson was departing Missouri for Arkansas, I’ve canvassed Big 12 athletic directors, conference officials and coaches about the resulting Mizzou basketball coaching search.

Scott Sutton not a candidate for Missouri Job

(ORU Coach Scott Sutton Will Not Be Considered By Mizzou)

A current Big 12 athletic director told me late Thursday to expect Missouri to move quickly, with a hire likely to come during the Final Four.

A Mizzou athletic department employee informed me Thursday that the school has assembled a search committee headed by athletic director Mike Alden and Executive Associate AD Whit Babcock. The committee is expected to meet early next week to discuss possible candidates. The same Columbia-based source also informed me that Missouri has retained executive search firm Eastman & Beaudine, the same firm that assisted in the hiring of Anderson. Read more…

Official: Anderson Departs Missouri For Arkansas

An athletic department source at the University of Missouri confirmed to me this afternoon that Mike Anderson has informed Mizzou Athletic Director Mike Alden that he is departing the school for Arkansas.

Mike Anderson Mizzou Parking Spot Sign Removed

After the news, Alden had the sign above Anderson’s personal parking spot outside Mizzou Arena removed. Read more…