Michael Beasley Checks Into Rehab Post-Pot Photo

• After a purported pic of pot pops up on his Twitter account, Miami Heat player Michael Beasley has been checked into a rehab facility.

Super Cool Beas Michael Beasley tattoo

• Car accidents? Plane crashes? Stranded in the Canadian wilderness for days? Junior hockey coach Punch McLean has survived it all.

• Will American sports teams soon follow their European counterparts and start banning unruly fans from their games?

Ron Zook takes exception to Urban Meyer’s recent mutterings about the Zooker’s alleged terrible treatment of Florida freshmen.

• ESPN plans on showing this season’s USC-Ohio State football match-up in 3-D. Cringe in terror as Jim Tressel’s sweater vest engulfs you!

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In Which We Suspect Miss Universe Shenanigans

Well, predictably, my Miss Universe party last night was completely ruined — chairs overturned, onion dip on the ceiling, and once again Don Nelson was arrested for urinating in the middle of the street. The trouble began when Miss USA, Kristen Dalton (below left), failed to make the Final Five. And when Miss Venezuela won — the second straight Miss Universe victory for that country — all hell broke loose.

Krisen Dalton, Stefania Fernandez

Perhaps this is payback for Hugo Chavez agreeing not to close the golf courses near American-built oil fields, I don’t know. But there were at least six other contestants who deserved the title more (see their swimsuit photos following the jump). This is an outrage, quite frankly. The SbB investigation begins here.

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Miss Universe To Marry Fading Thai Tennis Player

NOW-ANONYMOUS TENNIS PLAYER NETS MISS UNIVERSE: Fading pro tennis player Paradorn Srichaphan, who has seen his star plummet from #9 to #86 in the latest ATP rankings, is marrying former Miss Universe (and Canadian) Natalie Glebova.

Natalie Glebova

Srichaphan, who is Thai, can thank the Miss Universe pageant being held in Bangkok 2005, which is the year, you guessed it, Glebova won.

Natalie Glebova Photos

Glebova to something called the GULF TIMES: “Ever since we met I knew that he was a down-to-earth, humble person.The Canadian beauty then added in Thai, “Chan rak phi Bon,” or “I love brother Ball.

Natalie Glebova

Bon, the Thai rendition of the English word ball, is apparently Paradorn’s nickname.