Kevin McHale Blames Bloggers For Coach Firings

The walls certainly appear ready to collapse on Kevin McHale’s bunker as he coaches out the string with the Wolves and prepares for the inevitable postseason firing squad (if Tom Cruise doesn’t get there first to save the people of Minnesota!)

Kevin McHale

(Forget the standings, bloggers should judge McHale on how he demands the rapt attention of his players during timeouts)

Thankfully, since Coach McHale doesn’t know how to ‘X and O’, he had plenty of time this week to opine to Don Seeholzer of the ST. PAUL PIONEER-PRESS on why coaches are getting fired so rapidly this season.

And in a shocking development, McHale didn’t citing poor coaching for the unprecedented rash of firings. Instead, he said that bloggers are to blame for the trend. Read more…